What’s an API?


For business owners shopping around for a background check provider, the options can seem daunting and complex. How do you choose a provider? What features and services really matter? One feature stands out as a game-changer: Background Check APIs. But what exactly are APIs and why do they matter?

To put it in very basic terms, an API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of protocols and tools that allow different software applications to communicate with each other. In the context of background checks, APIs serve as a bridge between a business’s existing HR systems and third-party background check providers. This bridge enables a business to access comprehensive background check services directly within existing workflows without the need for additional manual data entry or complex software installations. 

The beauty of a background check API lies in its versatility and efficiency. By integrating background check functionality directly into your business’ system, you can streamline the screening process, saving valuable time and resources. With just a few lines of code (written by someone else), you can automate the entire background check process, from requesting reports to receiving results, all within the familiar interface of your existing software platforms.

But efficiency is just one part of the equation. Background Check APIs also offer unparalleled insight and accuracy, thanks to their ability to access vast databases of information. With real-time access to up-to-date data sources, you can make informed hiring decisions based on the most current and comprehensive information available. Whether it’s criminal history, employment verification, or credit checks, a background check API provides the depth and breadth of information your business needs to be confident about hiring decisions.

Additionally, background check APIs are scalable and customizable. Whether your business is a small startup looking to automate your hiring process or a large enterprise managing a high volume of screenings, an API can be tailored to fit your specific requirements and workflows. This flexibility means you can leverage the power of background checks without sacrificing efficiency. 

Data-driven decision-making rules the day; a background check API offers your business the data it needs for a competitive edge. By integrating seamlessly with existing systems, streamlining workflows, and delivering unparalleled accuracy and depth of information, APIs empower your business to make informed hiring decisions with confidence.

The bottom line? Background check APIs are more than just a tool—they’re a catalyst for efficiency, insight, and innovation. Does your background check provider offer an API for your system? If not, it’s time to find one who does. 


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