What Is A Social Media Handle? Its Uses & Benefits

One’s online persona may be made or broken by their social media handles. When it comes to internet marketing, choose the best one should play a significant role in the construction of any organization.

But what precisely are social media handles, and ought they to be the same across all social media accounts?

Why Use Handles On Social Media?

An open username used on social media platforms is referred to as a social media handle. It’s the username followed by the @ sign on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, such @something.

But when someone views your profile on Facebook, it’s the username that appears in the URL bar after facebook.com. Your Facebook address, for instance, may be facebook.com/Kathrine if your name is Kathrine.

People can’t use it to look you up on Facebook since it is the straight link to your profile. Direct typing into the address bar is required. Because of this, some claim that a Facebook username is the equivalent of a handle on the social media platform.

Finding the ideal social media handle should be one of the first things you do after establishing what the focus of your business will be, whether you want to become a social media influencer or launch a company.

Pay attention to their username if you decide to engage a social media influencer agency since this is also the case.

To determine if the social media handle you are interested in using is already in use or not, you may utilize a social media tracker. Should they match on all social media platforms, though?

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Do I Have To Use The Same Social Media Handles Everywhere?

It’s simpler for consumers to locate you if your social media handles are consistent across all platforms.

Do I Have To Use The Same Social Media Handles Everywhere?

Additionally, it simplifies and streamlines the marketing process. People will wonder whether your brand is the same if you use distinct handles for each platform. They could even contact you to ensure the brand is the same, which is really disrespectful.

And who would want to keep track of all of your many platform-specific handles? No one! Having identical handles will make it easier for customers to discover your company online, which demonstrates professionalism.

Additionally, it will improve the clarity and memorability of printed marketing materials. Finding a compatible handle that is accessible on each platform, meanwhile, is not that simple.

Therefore, even if you haven’t yet launched your website, registered your domain, or started your company, if you’re one of the fortunate ones to uncover it, be sure to seize it before it disappears.

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What Should You Do If Every Platform Doesn’t Support Your Handle?

Let’s say your Twitter name is already used, but you use the same identity on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy.

Social Media Handle

Checking to determine whether the Twitter account is active should come first. If it isn’t, request the username from that individual. You won’t believe how useful this can be.

Additionally, you may separate names with “.” or “- “. The addition of numerals should be avoided since it lacks professionalism. Additionally, you may build an acronym or include terms like “pictures,” “artist,” “art, photographer,” “studio,” “sculptor,” or “painting” before or after your username.

Just keep in mind that the maximum number of characters you may use on Twitter and Pinterest is 15, so make sure your username doesn’t exceed this number.


Every business’s internet marketing strategy should include social media handles since they make you easier to discover and they give you a professional appearance.

So choose a memorable, succinct username that will endure the test of time, and attempt to maintain consistency across all social networking platforms.

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