Waterhog mats have become a very popular option for doormats. These mats can be used as a way to remove dirt and mud from your shoes. This prevents unwelcome messes from being brought into your home or office. Waterhog Fashion entrance mats are installed at the entrance of buildings to keep them clean and secure.

There is another type of mat called a Coir Door Mat. It is made from natural coconut fiber and can be used to clean dirt and mud. There are many styles to choose from, so it is easy to find the perfect coir mat for you. You can also request a bespoke service to custom-make your mat.

You can choose from variety of styles and designs. The experts can help you find the right mat to fit your needs.

Commercial mats are different for every business. There are many mats to choose from, depending on what business you run.

One thing is certain: all businesses need an all-season solution when it comes to mats. Your mats need to be resistant to any weather conditions or debris.

WaterHog Door Mats are a great way to reduce dirt, dust, water, and other pollutants in your business. Waterhog mats are smart business investments that dry and protect your floors.

Waterhog mats are ideal for businesses. There are many options for facility products to rent or buy that can help keep workplaces clean and safe. We are here to help you make your company more productive.

What Are Waterhog Mats, You Ask?

Waterhog plus Mats are made with the same tough, durable construction as Waterhog Premier. They feature a high-quality Nitrile rubber backing that makes them tough, flexible, and simple to clean. Waterhog plus mats can be used in high-traffic areas. The mats are durable and will not shatter despite being used frequently.

  • Each Waterhog plus Mat has a unique swirl design. It pumps water into your feet and takes out any debris.
  • Waterhog Plus doormats do not require special cleaning. Just vacuum, then hose it down.
  • Waterhog Plus flooring tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Water dam rubber borders keep liquids off the floor and in the trenches.
  • Waterhog plus Mats feature a non-static high-density, polypropylene top that quickly dries without any fading.
  • Waterhog mats have great flexibility, strength, and durability due to their nitrile rubber-reinforced borders and backing.

Waterhog Mats’ Benefits

Waterhog mats have many benefits. Waterhog mats can also be used in restaurants, factories, and manufacturing facilities.

Enhance Workplace Safety: Commercial Carpets reduce dust and dirt in the workplace. Many industries can expose them to danger and cause injury. You can reduce the risk of injury and avoid accidents by using mating solutions.

Waterhog mats have a rubber backing to prevent them from sliding. This is a great option to protect your employees, and reduce injuries.

Protect Flooring: Waterhog mats can not only keep your floors cleaner but also extend the lifespan of your flooring. Waterhog mats reduce the risk of damage to your floors and are also able to handle wear in high-traffic areas.

Show You Care: This is a way to show your professionalism and that you care about your business and make it enjoyable for both employees and guests. Your guests will appreciate your sincere commitment.

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