The UPSC exam is the most toughest and prestigious exam in India. Many students aim to become IAS officers since childhood, but only a few of them work hard to actually accomplish that goal. However, the most common question that hits the mind of every candidate is, ‘how to prepare for the UPSC exam which can help them get success?’. 

Didn’t you get an answer till now? If not, then today is your lucky day as you will get to know about some marvelous tips that can help you achieve success in the UPSC exam by reading this article. Therefore, read this article attentively and make sure to follow the tips mentioned below for excellent UPSC exam preparation. However, if you want to attain coaching from a top-notch coaching platform to ensure your success, you can look for the top verified platform on Search India and that too in your preferred locality.

Here are the best-proven tricks that can help you achieve success in the UPSC exam: 

Prepare yourself 

Do you actually want to prepare for the UPSC exam? Are you physically or mentally prepared to tackle every hardship smoothly throughout your UPSC exam preparation journey? Do you know the exam syllabus,  pattern and different phases of the exam? If not, then make sure to know the answers to all these questions. After preparing your mind to really appear for the UPSC exam, you can commence the exam preparation. First, get details of the different phases of the exam. Then, check out the syllabus for prelims, and mains and know the interview criteria. Check out the latest pattern to start your UPSC exam preparation accordingly. 

Make a timetable 

Do you have a well-organized routine that can help you become an IAS officer? If not, then it is necessary to make a foolproof timetable so that you can prepare every concept timely by adhering to the timetable regularly. A timetable will not only help you cover your syllabus rapidly but will also give proper direction and ease your exam preparation. Therefore, first, analyze your positives and negatives, know where you stand and what your performance level is. Afterward, make a suitable timetable to prepare for the UPSC exam

Stay updated 

The knowledge of current affairs is the prime aspect of the UPSC exam. If you don’t have a habit of reading newspapers and watching the news, how can you know the current happenings? Therefore, you must stay updated with current affairs topics by reading newspapers, magazines, blogs and articles. Moreover, watching news channels and youtube channels that provide information about current issues is also an interesting way to boost your knowledge. However, if you want to test whether you have knowledge of current affairs or not, you can solve daily and weekly quizzes. 

Choose optional subject carefully 

Being a UPSC aspirant, you must know that you have to choose an optional subject carefully because it will help you achieve 500 marks. However, you must take care of a few things before choosing an optional subject, otherwise, you won’t be able to perform well in it. Here are some points you must figure out before choosing an optional subject: 

  • Choose the subject as per your interest of the UPSC Exam. 
  • You must have prior knowledge of that subject or it must be related to your academic background. 
  • Is coaching for this subject easily available? 
  • Is the study material for this subject easily available? 

Make notes 

Note-making can actually help you prepare for the UPSC exam. It won’t only help you go through the crucial points during revision, but also help you understand and retain the concepts quickly. While making notes, make sure to keep a separate notebook for each subject. Moreover, make an index on the first page of the notebook along with mentioning the page number. Otherwise, you may get confused and end up wasting a lot of time looking for a particular topic. 

Many people think that note-making is equal to practice. However, this is not true! It won’t help you get an experience of the actual exam. So, you need to solve mock tests for better practice. Do you want to enroll in the best UPSC coaching institute in Gwalior? If yes, look for the top verified coaching platforms on Search India, get relevant details, and choose the best institute for UPSC Exam. 

Summing up: 

To sum up, although UPSC is a strenuous exam among other competitive exams, you can easily crack it if you start your exam preparation with full assiduousness, determination and laborious efforts. So, follow the above-mentioned tips to accomplish your cracking this civil service exam. Above are the best-proven tricks that can help you achieve success in the UPSC exam. After preparing your mind to really appear for the UPSC exam, you can commence the exam preparation.

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