Making More Money as a New Floral Designer

Marketing for the profit of your floral business does not have to be expensive or overwhelming. Marketing is no longer just TV commercials, flyers, or giant billboards. To make more money as a new floral designer, it is as simple as posting a photo of your flower arrangement on social media and getting your customer’s attention. 

After the Covid pandemic, with more people spending more time at home online shopping continues to be a more convenient way to browse and purchase items. On top of that, customers enjoy the convenience and accessibility of having both a store and an online presence. If you feel bewildered by the thought of creating marketing strategies for the growth of your floral business; we promise you that the following tips below will give you a clear understanding. 

Leverage Social Media

The easiest way to connect on social media communities is to pick one platform and start posting regular updates. If you’re organizing any event, your product offerings, certifications you hold, competitions you took part in, and reviews from your clients. You can flaunt all the benefits clients can leverage by choosing you. 

  • Follow a proper schedule for posting.
  • Use thoughtful hashtags.
  • Create enticing eye-catching posts.
  • Allow customers to post reviews.
  • Reshare your client’s content.

There are various platforms in the market today that make posting and connecting on social media a breeze.

Expand Your Offerings

Your name is already out there and all floral accessories are in. Why not add some extra products to your floral business? Flowers, real or picture goes well with pretty much everything. So consider making grab-and-go accessories. In fashion these days, you’ll see flowers everywhere – shoes, headbands, jewelry, dresses; countless brides stand out for their special day with floral designs and prints. You can also go with plants, garden decor items, and cute garden shears for a little more variety and attention. Many people don’t believe this but expanding your offerings is the perfect option to make more money as a new floral designer. 

Start Email Marketing

Email marketing is the legendary low-cost way to reach your potential customers. Build an email list by asking for their email address at the time of checkout. Now that customers have faith in your products, send them a personal mail for greeting on special occasions. Emails with a personal touch go a long way in retaining clients. Send out monthly discounts and offers. By sending an email with beautiful pictures and client testimonials you could be a perfect match for someone looking for the exact floral designer you specialize in. Now go and craft a perfect email and be the flower bull of your industry. 

Increase Your Prices

This might sound pretty obvious but do some research on your prices. There’s no decided guide of prices for making more money as a new floral designer. But never ever compromise on your creativity and quality. Your rates are the representation of your level of quality and service to your customers. There are many things to consider when determining your prices:

  • Labor charge
  • Plants charge
  • Flower and foliage markup
  • Gifts and supply margin

As a newbie to attract more customers it’s easy to underprice your services, but there are plenty of customers who are willing to pay more for high-quality products. Don’t lose those customers and charge what you’re worth. 

Host Teaching Sessions

As an experienced floral designer, you have skills that many do not. Start where people love having fresh flowers in their homes, so there will be a fairly broad interest in your floral arranging classes. Whether you’re a newbie or have a reputation in the market, workshops are an ideal way to start making more money as a new floral designer. 

Start with the basics and let them work with the inexpensive, easy flowers. Whether it’s bored college students, homemakers, or romantic couples looking for a fun date, all would be interested in learning. You can also set particular themes for your workshops. To make a full profit from your workshop include all the elements of the floral business – staffing, props, venue, designs, colors, expense management, flower types, accessories, and other sundries. And now the big question comes, where do you host your workshop?

Platform To Host Workshops

To conduct an upstanding class and start making more money as a new floral designer use an insightful tool, Picktime. Picktime is an online florist appointment scheduling software. Designed to simplify appointment and staff management with a few clicks. It has an easy-to-use interface, supported by all devices. With Picktime you can conduct one on one or group sessions at multiple locations. You also get a cloud-based online calendar to monitor your slots and services, just sync your calendar (Google/Apple/Outlook) with Picktime calendar and forget about the mixing of your personal and professional meetups. Some other noteworthy features of Picktime are:

  • Payments & Invoicing
  • SMS & email reminders
  • 247 email support
  • Customized business page
  • Integrations with your favorite apps
  • Attendance & waitlist
  • Book button for your website

Picktime believes that technology is an opportunity to make it simple to purchase flowers, for your loved ones easily. And hey, you can sign up for free right now and start working to make more money as a new floral designer. 

As a floral designer, while many think all your work center is flowers, it also requires your expertise in designing and client handling. By doing so you can establish your brand and secure a more stable place in the market. 

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