Choosing a team building activity (and more specifically, the finest, most appropriate team building activity for your group or situation) can be a daunting task for a number of reasons. Hello?! Business Opportunities in Team Building! There is a wide variety of team building activities available online if you search for them using the term “team building events,” from indoor team training to charity events to outdoor scavenger hunts to ropes courses. The outcomes of non-team building activities that are fantastic shared-experiences can be a fun way for teams to spend time together and can be a fun memorable event, but they are not really team building events; the outcomes will be enjoyable and memorable, but will not build teamwork unless the team atmosphere is already fairly high.

Now the question is, how do you decide which team building exercise is appropriate for your business?

There are three primary types of team events or activities. You’ll find a list below with my suggestions and the contexts in which they make the most sense.

Collaborative Learning in a Closed Group Cooperative Games:

Any group outing whose primary goal is to facilitate enjoyment among participants fits this category. These kinds of events are entertaining and cheap so long as the group is small and the mood is positive. You can do the standard fare like bowling or golf, or you can get creative (or miniature golf). Dave & Buster’s is one of the coolest locations to take a group for meals and entertainment (arcade games, pool, etc.). There are plenty of fun things to do on a day off, such as visiting a theme park or going out to dinner and a show. Pretty much, any form of enjoyable activity will work here.

There are dozens of “non-team building” organisations who specialise in these types of events. By “non-team building,” I simply mean that these businesses get the majority of their income from some other service; team building events surrey are merely a supplementary source of income for them.

Organizations that specialise in these types of activities include huge resort hotels, cookery schools, race tracks (racing schools), theme parks, bowling alleys, etc. However, unless you have a small group and a pretty strong team atmosphere already, these types of team activities can actually be counter productive once your group size increases to more than 20 people or if you have a specific challenge within your group that you want to improve, such as communication challenges, a new team leader, groups that have merged together, or other team issues.

Activities that Promote Teamwork in the Classroom

Since most of us associate sitting in a classroom with being bore to death, the general public tends to associate classrooms with negative connotations. However, good team building firms and instructors are energetic and enjoyable. Teams who have expert facilitators come in and conduct these classroom events may actually improve a lot of team building activities in a very short period of time. When people are engage and having a good time, they learn more effectively, and the group as a whole can do remarkable things. Your company is merging with another and you need to establish a new team culture or if you just had a change in management and want to start over, a corporate team building event like this one is exactly what you need.

If we holding quarterly meetings or annual meetings at your workplace or if you have breakout sessions at you annual conference, then these types of events perform incredibly well in those types of time periods. An open time slot at your conference or meeting, you can also have these facilitators give entertaining and humorous keynote presentations. Unlike the shared-experience events, very few organisations specialise in classroom activities, so they are tougher to find. Be wary, as you may end up with a bunch of rah-rah activities that don’t yield the greatest outcomes if the organisation focuses on large events rather than seminars and workshops. If you search Google for “classroom team building” or “classroom team building seminars,” you should receive a decent shortlist of reputable businesses to choose from.

Team building Activities for Large Groups:

There is a striking resemblance between this type of event and the small group team activities described above and the enormous difficulty in actually executing one. For instance, if you have eight people in your group, you can go to a bowling alley and rent two lanes or have two foursomes at a golf course, and everyone will be engage the entire time. However, if you have 100 people, or 1000 people, if you try the same activities, at any one moment, a tonne of people will be standing around watching (doing nothing and getting bored) unless the facilitators truly know what they are doing.

So if you have a big group and you want your team to have fun and keep active, this is where you really want to invest in a professional team building firm. (Especially if your reputation is on the line.) DO NOT leave this decision to your event planner, by the way. Event planners are really adept at getting amazing bargains on hotel rooms, planning complex events, making sure the food works for the group, etc., but many of them will do whatever it takes to please the customer (you) (you). In other words, if you ask for a certain outdoor team building events dubai or activity, they will provide it for you, even if it doesn’t produce the optimal results for your group.

You will receive a MUCH better outcome if you contact the expert team building firm yourself. Because these pros will assist you pick the absolute most appropriate event for your team. The facilitators will notify you if you’re doing something wrong, but if you’re working with an event planner who acts as a go-between, the team facilitator will inform the event planner. The planner will go out of his or her way to please you and will likely just hire another firm to carry out your wishes. The first type of group, described in the previous sentence, is the one you are most likely to encounter. Take extreme caution whenever there is a great deal at stake in a sizable gathering.


The perfect event for your group can be select by answering two primary questions. To begin, let me ask you if you are (1) trying to alter a certain pattern of behaviour. If so, contact a team building organisation who specialises in classroom team training or hire an excellent team oriented keynote speaker. The second question is Do you have a huge group or a small group? If you have a small group and you just want to have fun, you may all go bowling and spend some time together. If you’re in charge of organising a huge group and you just want everyone to have a good time, consider contacting a business that specialises in hosting large charity team building events or entertaining corporate activities. With their help, you can save costs significantly and guarantee that everything goes smoothly during the event.

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