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Have you considered starting a reseller web hosting company? But are unsure of how to approach it or where to begin? Most people who enter the web hosting market have the necessary experience to launch their own web hosting company.

Even if you are not a part of the web hosting sector, you should at least have a fundamental understanding of how the hosting industry is set up. Then you are prepared to launch your reseller web hosting company. Most of the time, starting your own web hosting company is a challenging business niche.

However, with WHMCS Reseller Hosting, a person with just rudimentary familiarity with the equipment used in the hosting sector can easily and quickly launch his own web hosting company. Because setting up your own web hosting company only requires a few easy actions. If you are at least somewhat knowledgeable, it will be easy for you. That essentially sums up how simple it is to start a reseller hosting company. Let’s first define a reseller web hosting firm before moving on.

Invest in a reseller hosting plan from a web hosting company to launch your own reseller web hosting business. After completing that, you can white label the product. Decide on your fees and the services you wish to provide. You may use your hosting package to target a particular clientele and market it as your web hosting service to your customers. Thus, without being aware that it is a reseller web hosting service, your clients receive what they need.

Isn’t that easy? But before reseller hosting came into play, things were never like this. Additionally, the web hosting industry used to be an extremely technical and challenging one to operate in.

How to Start a Reseller Web Hosting Business: Steps to Take

Here are the 16 steps to consider before choosing a Reseller web hosting business:

  1. Basic Web Hosting Industry Knowledge
  2. Select your Audience
  3. Set Your Goals
  4. Learn from Trends in Market
  5. Self-explanatory Brand/Domain Name
  6. Get your Website Running
  7. Find the Perfect Reseller Hosting Plan
  8. Install an Authentic Billing System
  9. Create Fresh & Innovative Hosting Plans with Good Offers
  10. Create WHM Packages
  11. Provide Multiple Secured Payment Gateways
  12. Provide Customers with Dedicated IP
  13. Get Private Name Servers for Better Migration
  14. Add some Trusted seals to your Website
  15. 24*7 Customer Support is a Must
  16. Good Marketing Strategy

16 Points to Consider When Starting a Reseller Web Hosting Business

Basic Web Hosting Industry Knowledge

This is not a simple business, as we have stated. Before you enter this area of the industry, you must have some level of technical expertise in it. You may be wondering why it is necessary and what the purpose is.

In order to respond, let’s say the worst case scenario is starting a business that you can’t fully explain to your clients. Customer loss will result from this faster than you might imagine. Let’s be clear: even as a customer, you would never want to purchase services from people who are unaware of how those services operate.

Consequently, if you lack technical expertise, it’s time to acquire some knowledge about hosting features and operation. Learn about concepts like bandwidth, disc space, SSL certificates, SSH, WHM, WHMCS, CDN, and cPanel. This will not only help you comprehend the business more fully, but it will also assist you in creating effective hosting packages for your clients.

Select your Audience

After deciding on your goals, the following stage is to decide who you want to reach. Every business must have a clear awareness of its target market and the needs of that market to succeed. Businesses that grow quickly typically fit well with their chosen target market.

When you work in the hosting industry, men who want a website for either their personal or professional use are often your target market. While some may only need low-end hosting services, others may need high-end hosting services. Given the level of competition, it can be difficult to get in touch with them and win their trust in your hosting services. You can just concentrate on the high-end or low-end audience that hosting requires. However, you must be precise.

Set Your Goals.

Setting goals is the first step in any business. Whether it has to do with the revenue you plan to bring in or the profit margins you desire, it might also have something to do with your vision for your hosting company ten years from now. When you have properly set your goals, everything functions better. And you are aware of your destination. One thing that inspires you to keep going is seeing your goals in front of you.

Learn from Trends in the Market

You should be aware of how significant changes are in this industry when we talk about business in the twenty-first century. Therefore, experts strongly advise that you observe your competition. the prosperous ones to observe their actions. Their enormous success must have a basis. Find their weak points and learn from their shortcomings as well.

Offer your audience something that nobody else is. However, be sure that your audience will be interested in what you have to offer. You read that right—be the first. Try to set trends rather than merely following them. An original is the best thing ever!

Self-explanatory Brand/Domain Name

Any company’s name, not the services it provides, gives you your first impression of it. Therefore, picking a strong brand or domain name for your hosting company should be your top concern. Don’t rush it; take your time to research and come up with the ideal name for your hosting company.

The name of the website or brand should be self-explanatory. You could be asking why this is the case. The solution is straightforward: in this online age, we initially purchase brand names rather than services. Initial impressions do count. Therefore, be sure that the first image you give of your company is imaginative, pertinent, clear, unique, and simple to understand. However, it should, most importantly, highlight the type of business you are in.

Get your Website Running

As soon as you’ve finished the aforementioned baby steps. Now is the time to implement your planning. This is the first step in creating a website.

So the question of how it will stand out from the crowd and be recognised arises. The solution is straightforward: first, check that your website is user-friendly. Making sure it looks good in the eyes of your clients would be the following stage. Get your hosting plans easily accessible to your consumers, and that’s all. Finding your website shouldn’t involve going on a scavenger hunt.

If you want to establish a website using WHMCS in a hurry, there are ready-to-use Best WHMCS Themes on the market. The process of developing a website depends on your preferences.

Last but not least, add a page for terms and conditions, policy, contact us, and about us to your website. Make sure your clients are aware of how you operate if you desire a devoted clientele. Your dependability and the scope of your knowledge. Your website is ready to use once you’ve completed it.

Find the Perfect Reseller Hosting Plan

If you haven’t already noticed, many hosting companies provide reseller hosting options. It pains me to tell you this, but selecting a reputable reseller plan provider is difficult. You must examine every aspect of the hosting company, including the calibre of their servers, the effectiveness of their support services, their responsiveness, their brand recognition, client testimonials, etc.

Install an Authentic Billing System

The only sophisticated recurring billing system available in the hosting market is WHMCS, which is why all of the aforementioned shared hosting providers give it away for free.

WHMCS is a reputable corporate billing system that does more than just assist you in keeping track of all the payments. but also makes it possible for the payment to be made whenever you are not available. Therefore, if you use WHMCS, there is no need for concern. Just let it handle all of your billing concerns.

There won’t be a problem with its scalability because of its positive reputation and large consumer base. You can engage a WHMCS developer without much difficulty because the developer community for this billing platform is strong.

Create Fresh & Innovative Hosting Plans with Good Offers

You are now prepared to create your hosting plans for your hosting business. But before you go there you need an excellent reference to do it. Don’t forget to research the plans and prices that your rivals are providing.

Use that as a model and create your plans with either greater features or lower pricing, or you may tempt your users with some luxurious offerings in addition to those plans. Create innovative solutions and enticing deals.

Keep in mind that people are constantly interested in freebies. If you use this to drive a lot of visitors to your website, we’d suggest it’s worthwhile to lure them with some treats.

Create WHM Packages

Now you need to create packages inside the WHM. Here is the detailed procedure you need to follow:

1. Log in to WHM using or https://hostname_server/whm.

2. Navigate to the Add a Package menu in the section Packages.

3. Set appropriate quotas in the Resources section.

4. Choose the required settings for the package in Settings, including Feature List.

5. Click on the “Add” button.

Provide Multiple Secured Payment Gateways

In today’s world, online transactions have become a popular means of scamming people. So people are worried about the online payments they make. Therefore, security has become one of the top issues for them. To resolve this issue, it is good to offer multiple secure payment gateways such as credit cards, pay-pal, etc.

Provide Customers with Dedicated IP

If you are providing your website to the general public, you will also need a dedicated IP for your customers. You can get it from a reseller plan provider as well. However, it is better to have one just in case. Share this post with your friends and family so that they too can make the right decision.

Get Private Name Servers for Better Migration

Save yourself and your customers headaches by getting the private name servers. When you do that, your reseller hosting provider will save you lots of headaches in the future. Plus, when you need to change your hosting provider down the line, private name servers will be a lifesaver! The migration process is smooth with private name servers;but if you don’t have them when you do it, the situation can become quite troublesome for you and your customers.

Add some trusted seals to your website.

Trust is about the relationship between a company and its customer. A buyer does not just trust a product but also trusts the services provided by a particular organization. So, it is important that your web hosting service provider has at least 3 trusted seals like PayPal, SSL Value, and Trustwave to prove their trustworthiness in the industry.

24*7 Customer Support is a Must

Customer support is the backbone of any hosting provider. Make sure you have a team that is not only fully trained and qualified but also does justice to the concept of customer support, especially on weekends and when your team members are on vacation. The best part about working for a company like ours is that you can work wherever you are with constant support from the rest of your team by calling them from anywhere in the world.

Good Marketing Strategy

In today’s cutthroat business environment, having a solid marketing strategy is essential. If you want to distinguish yourself from your competitors, develop a strong marketing plan. Nowadays, quite a few people have the correct products to sell. However, none of those turn out to be successful businesses.

A successful marketing plan makes a difference. It is of the utmost importance. We all have ideas, but it can be difficult to get those ideas in front of your intended audience. This is where your hosting company’s marketing plan becomes quite important in broadening its clientele. There are several ways to do the task, including social media platforms, marketing, etc. But they are all part of a sound marketing plan.


After following the above-mentioned 16 straightforward steps, you are now prepared to launch your own reseller web hosting business. Take your time and focus on each stage until you acquire the level of excellence that pleases you.

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