What is a septic tank bio cleaner?

Septic Tank Bio Cleaner is a natural septic tank cleaner that contains a consortium of bacteria that help treat fecal sludge in septic tanks. If the septic tank containing food and toilet excrement is treated incorrectly, the septic tank will become clogged and emit a foul odor, or backflow will occur due to the accumulation of sludge. In addition, cleaning of the septic tank is required. Septic Tank Bio Cleaner has revolutionized the industry. ABG Urekha has been the best Bio Septic Tank Manufacturer that can help you install your septic tank at low cost.

What is the need for Septic Tank Bio Cleaner?

If the treatment plant’s septic tank fails, the water will remain contaminated even after it is released into the environment. This contaminated water can contaminate surrounding wells and groundwater, rendering them useless or meaningless. This can cause other diseases. To reduce these issues, we cannot continuously clean the clogged septic tanks. To resolve these issues, we can use bio-septic tank cleaners.

Regular use promotes the complete breakdown of human waste to ensure proper functioning, odorless toilets, septic tanks, and environments. This organic cleaner helps eliminate the need for frequent septic vacuuming. These are the main reasons why people prefer Septic Tank Bio Cleaner.

ABG Urekha’s Septic Tank Bio Cleaner

Since 2009, ABG Urekha has been introducing a specific and flawless Septic Tank Bio Cleaner. This cleaner is a septic bio-cleaner, a breakthrough technology for cleaning all types of organic waste in residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal areas. This purifier is great for making good microbes. New microbes are added daily to process organic waste. It is genetically modified. You are safe and have no risk of further mutations. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have determined that only safe microbes are used in cleaners.


Features of a Bio-Septic Cleaner

  • Regular use reduces foul odor, clogging, and overflow.
  • Bacteria and enzymes effectively degrade sludge.
  • Robust bacteria perform well in cold climatic conditions.
  • Monthly usage is recommended for a trouble-free septic tank.

How does bio-septic cleaner work?

It breaks down all unwanted waste, leaves no sludge, and reduces BOD in treated wastewater. ABG Urekha Bio septic tank cleaner can recycle wastewater by reverse osmosis and is useful for irrigation, boiler reuse, cooling towers, and wash water. 

Add just a few drops and let it sit for an hour, and you have clear, odorless water that can be used for future purposes. Those beneficial microbes help eliminate harmful microbes in the wastewater. These septic tank washing systems are connected to existing wastewater treatment plants that help convert wastewater into something reusable, making them the most economical solution for all your water purification needs.

The Advantages of ABG Urekha’s Bio Septic Tank Cleaner

ABG Urekha gives us the best bio-septic tank cleaner at an affordable price because organic septic tank cleaners can be used to clean the environment. Bio septic tank cleaner is an alternate way to remove these visible and invisible toxic chemicals and toxins. ABG Urekha Bio septic tank cleaner contains highly effective plant-based, biodegradable, and sustainable surfactants to make cleaning areas safer. We use plant-based surfactants instead of unnecessary chemical cleaning agents.

  • Cost-effective.
  • User friendly.
  • removes odors, disposes of wastewater systems, and cleans septic tanks 100 times more efficiently.
  • It is easy to maintain, chemical-free and has no negative side effects.
  • We offer free delivery and accept all payment methods.

How do I use it?

Septic systems are fraught with all kinds of bacteria, many of which also live on your drain pipes. For this reason, you can use a drain cleaner in your septic tank if it’s the right kind. It could kill live bacteria within septic systems that work to break down waste materials. Harsh chemicals can end up damaging your system instead of solving your issue, be it a smelly tank or a backed-up tank. It’s best to use organic products that are recommended and acceptable for use with your drain and septic systems. ABG Urekha’s Septic Tank Bio Cleaner is a good option.

  • Each packet of Bio septic tank cleaner should be mixed with 1-2 liters of water.
  • Use it every month for an odor-free septic tank.

Benefits of Using a Bio Septic Tank Cleaner

  • Over 99% of waste is decomposed.
  • It is hygienic and healthy because more than 99% of pathogens are killed.
  • It has a long life style.
  • Low upkeep at a reasonable price.
  • Pollution-free environment.


The Bio septic tank cleaner is a more environmentally friendly and long-lasting alternative to its predecessors. Overall, a septic tank cleaner can become a cost-effective way to manage waste with no hassle and a low impact on the environment. Use ABG Urekha’s Septic Tank Bacteria Products In India to make your environment hygienic with low maintenance.

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