Imagine yourself drinking your favorite drink in transparent coffee mug with the customized printing on it! It is indeed a feeling of sheer calm to enjoy vibrant colored glass containers. People are willing to purchase more and more products with beautiful designs. These beautiful containers are the result of very glass screen printing.

Screen printing glass market has come a long way now. Restaurants owners, coffee and juice brands, are all attempting to woo their customers. Moreover, the application of the screen printing of glass is in various fields now, such as decoration, consumer electronics, construction, automotive, etc. The printing on the glass can enhance the value and the uses of the glass making it functional and beautiful.

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The advanced technologies for the purpose of printing offer not only the promise of design also serve an enhanced durability, flexibility, and sustainability for interior as well as exterior surfaces. The 2 prominent approaches to printing on the glass are digital glass printing and screen printing. These both methods render remarkable benefits and results, with various degrees of cost and versatility. The third lesser used method is digital UV printing, which renders the benefits of the digital printing. The UV printing is less famous then other two because of the high durability provided by the digital ceramic printing or screen printing. Let us now understand each type: –

Screen printing on glass

The screen printing method is a conventional technique that has been in use from many years. In this method, a stencil has been used with a mesh screen to create the design. The ink used is squeezed over the screen, while the stencil blocks the certain areas of glass while leaving which are open to let the ink through. The result of this process is a high quality image, design element or pattern. The ink is then fired to remain stick to the glass. Although, the screen printing method is restricted to only four colors. The usage of each color requires a long preparation time and exorbitant costs. Screen printing is perfect for the production where high volume of glass printing is required.

Digital printing on the glass

The digital printing on the glass opens a new avenue in the world of printing. These processes are compelling the architects, glass processors, and the designers for incorporating beautiful designs. There are 2 methods of the digital printing on the glass:

  1. UV curable printing

The digital UV printing technology utilizes the organic inks and deploys ultraviolet light to dry up the ink over the surface of the glass. The UV curable printing technology enables innumerable color combinations. The digital UV printing is economical and fast method for printing a high quality and customizable images on the glass. However, scratch resistance and durability is quite limited and there is also a lack of functional inks.

  • Digital ceramic printing

The digital ceramic printing renders wider opportunities and extremely versatile solutions with numerous design flexibility. The digital ceramic glass printing gives the ability to add creativity with high functionality for design applications. This has very low cost of preparation and take lesser time and the state-of-the-art technology is a great way to apply vivid colors. The other benefit of the digital ceramic glass printing technology is the capability to generate a different product which ahs natural effects having numerous color palette.

Market Synopsis and growth drivers: –

The global screen printing glass market is anticipated to garner a CAGR of 6% over the forecast period of the 2022-2031. Moreover, in the year 2021, the market accounted a revenue of USD 655 million. The growth driving factors are the long durability and customization feature of the screen printing glass. The increased demand for screen printing glass in automobile and construction sectors is also responsible for fostering the market growth.

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By looking at the growth driving factors, we can conclude that Screen printing glass market possess remarkable opportunities of the growth. Various companies are harnessing enormous profit and rendering the best services to their customers. Before commencing your journey in this market, the best to go through a research report prepared by experts.

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