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Are you eager to stream the live stream of TV, shows, and films right from your phone? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people are looking to stream exciting content on their smartphones. Pikashow APK is a free download and watch real-time entertainment right on your phone.

If someone is living in another country and would like to stream television on live from their country of origin. He will need purchase high-end cable connections that provide channels they want. If one wishes to have their desired channel, the cable companies will charge a hefty cost. With this to mind, developers created an app called Pikashow App for all the Indians who live in other countries.

What is Pikashow?

Pikashow is a Pikashow App is extremely popular and used by millions of people due to the fact that it lets you stream any film and live TV channels from your Android smartphone for absolutely no cost. The company that developed the platform is Verdity. There are more than 500K downloads on Google Play Store for this application.

You can watch or download web-based series, as well as the latest films by downloading the Pikash0w app. Furthermore, the Pikashow app is popularly known as Pikasho. Although they are both known under various names, they’re identical.

Why you should choose Pikash0w?

How do you feel of having free access to television everywhere you go in this technological age that everything is just an easy click away? We’re not talking about the applications that cost users huge amounts of dollars for services that they don’t really need! We’re talking about free television.

If you’re looking for top entertainment services that stream your favourite television shows, films drama series, as well as other things for free, Pikash0w would be the best choice for you. All of these are free services. There are no fees that are imposed upon the user.

Main Features of Pikashow App:

Now, we’ll discuss the Picashow application’s distinctive features that differentiate it from other apps that stream video.

Flexible App

Pikash0w is a complete package to make the most of the relaxation you can get from your time. With Picashow app, there are numerous options for web-based series, films, as well as live TV shows and live adventures, sports, animation and thrillers sci-fi, as well as many more categories, are available to you for enjoyment.

Additionally, Hollywood, Lollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and Kpop are all available to view.

Download Videos

This feature is likely to be enjoyed by people who would rather not be interrupted during watching videos via messages from various apps.

Download HD-quality videos using this Picashow app and play them later in time. Films can be downloaded so that you can view them while on a plane or bus.

Subtitles in Several Languages

Since the majority of videos in the Pikahow Apk Latest Version are subtitled in various languages, it is a hit among users across the globe.

So, you don’t need to be concerned that your preferred show isn’t available in your country because you can now stream it with subtitles in your own language with the help of pikash0w’s apk.

High-Quality Content

There are a variety of options available for levels of video streaming. Videos can be watched in Ultra 4K, HD 1080p, 1440p, 1080p and various other resolutions.

Furthermore, videos of any quality are free to download. The quality will not be compromised when downloading movies, videos or TV shows from the Picashow Apk version.

Safe to Use

It is secure to use and watch movies on this Picashow Apk version. The Pikash0w app is not at risk from malware, viruses or viruses. Your data and device are protected from threats from outside sources.

No Root Is Needed

It is easy to use and doesn’t require any complicated configurations to work properly. In the same way the rooting of your device is not required to use Pikash0w application.

Offline mode to get rid of advertisements

As stated earlier as mentioned above, you can download content from Pikash0w. After that, you can view video content on this platform free from annoying advertisements.

Other features that you could find interesting:

Below are additional options that Picashow app offers their users.

Offering Unlimited Channels

As we have already stated there’s no need to download other applications because this Pikashow TV app comes with over 6000 TV channels to stream. Just download Pikashow APK to begin watching your favourite TV shows.

Playlists updated

The contents of Pikashow Apk are constantly updated. Therefore, users will never skip any of the information that is frequently up-to-date.

Furthermore, Pikash0w apk ensures you don’t miss any web-based shows, series or films. This feature also ensures that the Picashow app is stocked with the most up-to-date and current content available to its users.


Pikash0w Apk isn’t an ordinary application. Many of you may think that it’s an application for your TV. This isn’t the case but.

You can also enjoy your favourite films and TV shows with the Picashow application. With this useful Pikash0w application allows you to start your collection of films.

Available everywhere

Downloading Pikashow is available across the globe like Pakistan, India, the United States, Bangladesh, and Italy.

Even if you reside in a different location it is possible to use the content on the streaming app from anywhere and at any point.

The best interface

The user interface that comes with Pikashow Apk is clean and user-friendly. In addition, nothing in that interface is difficult to comprehend.

The screen itself is well-organized. Therefore, users don’t have to follow any difficult procedures to access the Picashow application.


Most devices can be used with the Pikashow application, which is compatible perfectly with smart TVs and firesticks. Users will have a fantastic time using this app as the content is top-quality and simple to find what they need.

Also, Pikashow Apk download gives everything you require to have entertainment and have fun all at the same time in one location.

Channels categorizes

Each element in the Picashow app comes with a category. There is nothing messy to be shown on television. Simply pick the category, and select “sports” if you want to view sports. Search for another kind of. It will pop up before you.


As you are aware, Picashow apk is an application that functions as an app that broadcasts live TV for Android. This means that Picashow app allows users access to a variety of videos that can be watched on their smartphones. If they have some spare time they’d like to catch their most loved movies and television shows.

Today every person has a cell phone, and people love to utilize it to make themselves feel more productive. With this amazing Pikashow app, you have the chance to make a difference. Not only is it completely free and easy to use, but the content is top-quality which is what users would like to see.

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