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With the sheer amount of social media platforms and other sites on which your company’s name is mentioned, managing your online reputation may seem overwhelming.

Online Reputation Management Consultants are ready to help. These are five solid strategies to assist you in establishing a system for managing your online reputation for your business.

1.      Answer Promptly and with Empathy.

Sometimes the most effective ORM occurs before a negative comment or review is made public. Online Reputation Management Consultants respond immediately if customers have questions, whether via messaging you directly or by posting on Facebook or other social platforms.

A Clutch study revealed an average of 83% of users anticipate replies to social media posts within one or two days and therefore don’t put off responding for too long. Quick responses will stop angry users from posting negative feedback and demonstrate to the customer that you value their time and the highest importance in helping them.

It is equally essential to be able to respond with Empathy.

Let your customer know that you’re committed to solving their issue and that Online Reputation Management Consultants are ultimately available to assist them. When they said this isn’t the way they would like the customer to feel, the company could convey genuine concern for the customer’s issue. They stated their intention to resolve the issue and offered her a straightforward way to contact the company to fix the problem quickly.

If you do not respond to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently

It could cause an email to be turned into a negative public declaration. The company’s customer asked a question and was unable to get a response. Online Reputation Management Consultants will then respond. They take care of their online reputation and could have prevented a dissatisfied customer and a highly damaging piece of public feedback. Responsive, swiftly and efficiently to inquiries is an easy way to impress customers and create a positive online image.

2.      Address Negativity Up Front.

It’s tempting to dismiss negative comments or reviews left by customers. In the end, why should you make them the focus of attention by responding to them? However, the reality is that you’re doing your business in-service by not answering to those unhappy with your service. Out of those eighty-two per cent of people who have read online reviews, 97 per cent also read the company’s responses. Resolving complaints is a way of showing the customers that, regardless of whether they’ve had an issue with your business, it will be your company to address it.

If customers write negative feedback or reviews, you must always respond. Online Reputation Management Consultants Respond to their concerns with determination and patience. By putting these remarks in the study, dissatisfied customers know that their concerns have been acknowledged and provide a means for reviewers to contact the support team directly to solve their problem.

3.      Own Up to Your Mistakes.

If your business is under criticism for an actual or perceived incident, it helps to acknowledge the error. Remorse is a way to diffuse tension in customer issues and improves relations with customers. It also shows customers that your business is transparent and honest.

Write an apology that demonstrates your determination to acknowledge and address the issue. Online Reputation Management Consultants address the most critical issues raised by the public and the media. Also, detail what you plan to do to fix the problem.

Take into consideration the appropriate medium to post your apology. If the majority of negative feedback comes from the social media platforms like Twitter, this is the most appropriate place to share your apology. 

Every company makes mistakes. The fact that you state what you’ll take to correct the problem or avoid repeating it shows customers that you’re a trustworthy business that will admit to its errors.

4.      Stay on Top of Your Search Results.

Most marketers see SEO as a method to ensure their brand’s visibility. It’s also an important tool to keep down the visibility of negative press and other content associated with your brand.

In the ideal scenario, you would like your page to be the first page that appears when your business’s name is searched. In the end, the top result on SERPs can get over 30 per cent in all clicks, which means that customers will be 10-times higher likely to choose the first search result than a page that’s ten positions down.

Positive reviews 

Utilize an incognito browser to keep track of your company’s results in search so that you can get a glimpse of what users see. Competitors may bid on your branded keywords to ensure their websites appear first. Therefore, you might have to compete for your keywords to keep the top spot.

Another method to boost search results is to encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews to review sites with a ranking. It will increase your rating average, which potential users will see before viewing individual reviews.

5.      Automate Online Reputation Management.

Instead of manually searching through social media and websites, you can save time with software that automatizes ORM tasks.

One of the simplest monitors you can use is Google Alerts. Type in your brand’s name in the tool, and you will receive alerts of news and media articles that mention your business. So, you’ll immediately know when your business is mentioned, and you can respond swiftly if required. You can also take help from Online Reputation Management Consultants to manage your reputation.

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