Physiotherapy in Sherwood Park

Physiotherapy in Sherwood Park

It is a frequent problem that physiotherapists can treat. It could result from structures like muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs, nerves, and discs. Neck pain may also arise from or be transferred to other regions like the shoulders, upper back, or jaw. It can also spread to the top of the head, leading to headaches in the rear in the back of the head around the eyes or on the top of your head and the temples. The headaches that cause this are known as carcinogenic (or tension) headaches. Physiotherapy in Sherwood Park for neck pain and headaches is extremely effective since it helps relieve the pain and identifies and corrects the root cause of your issue to ensure that it will not occur again over time.

Common Neck Injuries

Common neck injuries include acute wry neck, bulging disc whiplash, and postural neck pain. Treating neck pain with physiotherapy is successful in all of the above conditions. Read on for an explanation of each of the injuries.

Acute Narrow Neck

Acute tension in the neck is when you’re unable to turn your neck or move the neck in one way. Many people wake up with their necks in a locked position and feel intense pain when they try to move. This can result from lifting something heavy, pulling the neck, or sleeping in a slouchy posture. The neck muscles contract on one side and stop the joint from moving. The physiotherapy treatment for stiff necks can help relieve pain with gentle joint mobilizations and massage muscles to relieve the spasms.

Bulging Disc

A dislocation that bulges could result from slow age-related degeneration, poor posture, repeated tasks, heavy lifting, or trauma like an accident or a fall. Sometimes, a bulging disc may irritate nearby nerves that could cause pain that radiates towards your shoulder area or even down to the elbow, and, in more severe instances, may cause pins and needles or numbness. Most patients respond well to physiotherapy to treat neck pain caused by the bulging disc because it helps relieve discomfort, and the exercises recommended will increase the strength of the neck and shoulder muscles to assist in supporting the disc.


An injury to the whiplash is if your head gets violently thrown forward and backward. It can also cause overstretching of the ligaments, muscles, nerves, and tendons. Whiplash can result in extreme neck stiffness, pain, and frequent headaches. It can also affect nerves, leading to pins and needles or a numb arm. Injuries from whiplash must be treated promptly to avoid ongoing issues. The treatment for neck pain due to whiplash is based on massaging and joint mobilizations to treat joint stiffness and muscle spasms. Additionally, it involves stretching and strengthening exercises to build strength and flexibility around your shoulder joint and the neck.

Postural and work-related neck and Shoulder Injuries

Work-related neck or shoulder¬†discomfort¬†is a frequent issue for office employees. Numerous work-related issues like uncomfortable postures, prolonged sitting, and repetitive hand and finger movements are associated with an increased risk of neck discomfort. Individuals who are inactive and work at a desk all day tend to suffer neck pain because they don’t think about the layout of their desks. For example, many users use a head-down or a head-up position when working on their laptops or handheld electronic devices. Poor posture throughout the day could lead to weaknesses in your neck muscles and muscles between the shoulder blades and cause tension in the top or front of your shoulders.

It is crucial to ensure that your workspace is set up to encourage good posture. The physiotherapy in Sherwood Park treatment for neck pain includes instructions on arranging your workstation to ensure that your neck can be held in a better posture. We will provide tips on when you should stop for breaks at work or during doing your homework, which exercises you can perform throughout the day while in the office, and what is the most effective kind of exercise or fitness that you can take to stop neck pain from becoming a regular occurrence.

How can physiotherapy in Sherwood Park can help with Neck Pain?

Treating neck pain through physiotherapy includes a thorough evaluation to assess your mobility, flexibility, and strength range. We examine the joints and muscles to determine areas of tightness, stiffness, or weak spots. Techniques like massage and joint mobilizations can be used to loosen stiff joints and tight muscles and, in turn, help reduce discomfort. Physiotherapy in Sherwood Park for neck pain uses ultrasound and heat packs, TENS, and ultrasound for pain relief.

Your Physiotherapist in Sherwood Park designs a customized exercise program to meet your individual needs. The program will typically include stretching to restore mobility and loosen your muscles, as well as strengthening exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding the neck and shoulders. If you go to the gym, we can suggest other exercises you can perform at the gym to prevent the problem from returning.


If you’re suffering from neck stiffness, headaches, or neck pain and need assistance or treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact Refresh Health and Wellness because they are the best physiotherapy clinic in Sherwood Park. And they we’ll be more than pleased to assist.

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