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Smartphones are getting costlier, and this fact irks many consumers. Apple’s iPhones are infamously expensive from day one, and they continue to be so. Thankfully, refurbished iPhones offer some respite. Because they are cheaper than a regular iPhone, many of us can now afford to own one. But do not get carried away by price alone. There are other factors you need to look into, and in this article, we guide you on prudently shopping for a refurbished iPhone.

What is the meaning of a refurbished iPhone?

A refurbished iPhone is a pre-owned phone that was returned to Apple for some reason. The phone could have developed some errors, or the owner chose to return it during the cooling-off period of 30 days after the purchase. In any case, Apple will repair and restore the phone to its original form and then offer it for resale at a much lower price than the original one.

The display models used in Apple stores are also refurbished by Apple when it eventually decides to sell them. Also, a user may opt to trade in his iPhone to buy a newer model, and his previously-owned iPhone would be refurbished before the sale.

Whatever the reason the iPhone is finding its way back to Apple, the company will ensure that they are properly serviced, revamped, and restored to full working order. The Apple refurbished iPhones also get a new warranty, further solidifying their credentials as worthwhile devices.

Things to consider while buying a refurbished iPhone:

As we mentioned at the start of this article, price alone should not be the deciding factor for buying a refurbished iPhone 13 or any other model. You need to take into account several other factors before you give the go-ahead to the deal. We present some of the crucial ones below;

Buying from a trustworthy and reputed source:

When buying a refurbished iPhone, where you buy it from makes all the difference. It is best if you buy it from the Apple store. Apple has a refurbished items section in nearly all its stores. When you buy a certified Apple refurbished iPhone, you can be sure that you are buying a quality product that is worth your money.

If you are buying from a third party, you need to be careful and check the seller’s reputation. You can do so by checking its online reviews, client testimonials, the company’s policies; its standing in the market, etc. They may be a good reference point to conduct your research and give you a fair idea of what to expect from the company.

Look for a warranty:

A warranty is of paramount importance when you are buying a refurbished iPhone. If the seller is extending the warranty on the iPhone, it means that the phone has undergone all the inspection checks and tests and passed them successfully. It is free from any defects and in perfect working condition. You can confidently purchase it. As a rule, the longer the warranty period, the better the quality of the phone.

What is the return policy?

A return policy favors the customer and does not leave any room for doubt, and speculation implies that the seller is straightforward and unscrupulous. It will not cheat you, and you can buy from it without fear. If the seller has an unfair return policy or no return policy, then it should alert you, and you better avoid buying from it.

Look for the phone grading:

Usually, all the refurbished iPhone sellers have graded them according to their condition. A customer can check the grading and learn about the phone’s actual condition. The sellers also mention the criteria for grading a phone. For example, an iPhone marked as “Excellent” may mean it is good to go in every respect. “Good” may mean it has no mechanical errors, but there may be some scratches. “Fair” could mean no errors in performance but some visible dents or damage to the body.

The seller mentions it on all the iPhones if it is a responsible organization that does not believe in deceiving its clients. So, check them out and ask for the rating criteria too.

Beware of stolen or fake iPhones:

Another issue you need to be wary of is that the iPhone needs to be genuine and not stolen. You can check its serial number and ask for the original purchase invoice, bills, and other documentation that can establish its authenticity. You can also verify its IMEI number and see that it is truly a genuine device. Apple also has service codes that you can use to validate its authenticity further.

Try to get the most out of your deal:

While buying the phone, try to get the most out of the deal. Check if the seller is offering any other items along with the iPhone. It could be a screen protector, case, earbuds, charger, etc. Sellers often offer bundle deals of different products and can choose from any such offering.

Buying a refurbished iPhone 13 for half its price:

Now to answer the main question of our topic, you need to consider all the points mentioned above, and if the refurbished iPhone 13 checks on all these points, then buy it. You are getting a true value-for-money deal.

Buying a refurbished iPhone can be a hassle if you buy from a third party. However, Wise Market Australia can be your ideal choice in this regard. It fulfills every criterion for being a dependable online marketplace of refurbished iPhones and other related products. The company offers a 13-months warranty, a 21-day money-back return policy, and courteous after-sale service. It would be best if you gave it a try the next time you want to buy a refurbished iPhone.


That sums up our topic of buying a refurbished iPhone 13 at half the original price. We hope now you know the answer to this question and understand how to judge the price of a refurbished iPhone and shop wisely for it. We wish you a fulfilling purchase.

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