The straightforward answer is — yes; it is secure to buy YouTube likes and subscribers. You may think it’s illegal or strange, but it’s not. If you are buying views, likes and subscribers is a great technique to grow your channel.

You may have heard information about cases where YouTube banned channels from buying promo packages. Also, there has been information about people saying they bought YouTube views, likes, and subscribers, and suddenly, their numbers started falling. There is also information about people buying many subscribers, but in the end, the subscribers need to watch their videos and interact with them.

But there are so many sob stories about buying YouTube likes, views, and subscribers to last a lifetime.

But the truth is the people who faced such a situation ended up buying fake YouTube promo packages where people got scammed by buying bot packages in the first place.

When you buy actual YouTube promo packages, which are active, there is no way you can end up with such a scam.

So, if you find anyone complaining that they bought YouTube promotional packages and got a harmful result, chances are their provider has served them a bot package.

Difference between bots and real and active YouTube views, likes, and subscribers

When others see the phrase buy YouTube likes, views, and subscribers, they think it implies the same as the phrase buy real and active YouTube likes, subscribers, and views.

You must ensure you buy safe views, likes, and subscribers from real humans. Without that term, you may buy bot packages, likes, views, and subscribers generated by robots.

When you buy a basic YouTube promo package, you can rest assured that nothing will happen to your account or your channel. That is, you will not end up with a sob story like others.

On the subject of buying bots, which is an (artificial systems) and total packages, see what YouTube has to say:

YouTube policies don’t allow anything that artificially increases the number of views, subscribers, likes, or other metrics, either through automatic systems or by serving up videos to get easy viewers. Creators and channels that don’t follow this policy can be banned or removed from YouTube.”

Let’s study that statement.

YouTube policy has mentioned doing any activity against anything that artificially increases the number of likes, views, and subscribers on videos through automatic systems.

For example, if you buy YouTube likes from a provider that doesn’t sell real likes, you are artificially increasing the number of likes on your YouTube videos, which could land you in trouble. In this case, what is happening is that the provider is using robots to increase your videos with lots of likes.

However, when you buy real and active users, you’re not brushing the numbers; instead, you’re collecting real and active people to come and see your videos and interact with them. 

As mentioned before, when you buy YouTube promo packages, the provider goes out to its network of YouTubers and asks them to come and interact with your video. Expectedly, this person knows about the deal, so you’re keeping YouTube’s policy of buying bots that increase your video’s likes and views viewers.

Be aware that whenever you buy a bot promo package, the provider might serve your videos to unsuspecting viewers, putting your account at risk of being flagged or banned.

Reasons why bot promo package harmful.

The YouTube algorithm has a way of knowing if a channel is artificially boosting your likes, comments, views, and subscribers.

If your content violates this policy, you will be removed your content will be removed, and they will send you an email to let you know about it. 

There is a possibility that you can lose your views and likes: –

The whole point of buying views, likes, and subscribers is so that your channel can grow through numbers but unfortunately, both package and turn the opposite.

You’ll get a considerable boost in your numbers. From 100 views, directly might jump to 1000 in less than 24 hours. But after a couple of days, you will start noticing a reduction. A good percentage of your likes, views, and subscribers on your channel and videos will gone forever.

A bot package will not lead to growth: –

The whole point of buying likes or views for videos is that the content can become famous on the platform to the point where it attracts organic views and likes.

Unfortunately, when you buy fake (bot) packages, the probability of this happening will be small.

By bot, you can lose credibility: –

It’s only a matter of time before your audience figures that your channel is less popular than you say it is.

With bot subscribers and views, real viewers will get the impression that others like them enjoy a video. As a result, they might choose to hit the subscribe button. But after a while, they will notice that your videos hardly get comments, which might get them wondering if this channel has a thousand persons who have subscribed, then why only one commenting on their videos?”

Something fishy is going down here!

With actual promo packages, on the other hand, a good fraction of your bought subscribers and viewers will regularly interact with your videos, removing any doubt from your channel.

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