Pink Ruby

When you think of rubies, your mind likely goes straight to the rich red color. However, those in the know know that not all rubies are red. Pink Ruby is also very popular and can be found in some beautiful shades of pink, even ranging into purples and violets! Rubies come in many different colors including blue, yellow, green, black and red; however, pink rubies are one of the rarest forms of this gemstone.

The Meaning Of The Color Pink

In the flower language of flowers, pink represents gentleness and affection. When paired with green sapphire, it can represent love. There are many other symbolic meanings of the color pink as well. For example, in Christian theology, pink is the color associated with Jesus’ blood and sacrifice for humanity. In Hinduism and Buddhism, it’s said to symbolize detachment from worldly desires.

In Feng Shui, green sapphire is believed to bring good fortune. It also symbolizes longevity or immortality because of its deep, rich green color and because green was traditionally worn by emperors in China. In ancient Egypt, green sapphire stones were fashioned into eyes for statues of the cat goddess Bastet and her priests. The emperor Montezuma gifted his wife an emerald ring that was set with five green gemstones, one of which was a green sapphire.

In medieval times green stones symbolized wisdom and renewal. Emeralds became popular among Christians during this time because they’re believed to provide protection against envy while green jade signified eternal life.

The Metaphysical Properties Of Rubies

The benefits of wearing a ruby is often times overlooked. With the many colors available in rubies, it’s easy to see why they’re overlooked. The most popular color is red and while this color can be quite alluring, there are other colors that can bring more benefits to your life. An important thing to remember about the metaphysical properties of rubies is that they are dependant on color as well as cut. Green sapphire is one of these colors and it could have different benefits than what you might expect.

Green sapphires are typically found in lighter shades, such as pastel pink or light green. They can be very calming stones and provide spiritual healing for those who work with them on the physical plane. Green sapphires are also used by healers to soothe emotional and mental disturbances. Green crystals can also enhance concentration and creativity which may be beneficial if you’re into art or design.

The Health Benefits Of Rubies

Rubies are the gemstone of love, hope, and faith. It was believed that rubies were once green sapphires that were turned red by divine intervention. In ancient times, people believed that wearing rubies on the left side of your body would bring you good luck in love and relationships.

Rubies are also said to be good for energy levels and provide relief from depression. They’re also known for boosting one’s self-esteem and confidence, which can help with mental health issues such as anxiety or low self-esteem. If you’re looking for other healing properties of green sapphire jewelry, they’re excellent at clearing up headaches, sleep disorders, and even bad eyesight!

The Relationship Benefits Of Rubies

Ruby is the birthstone for July and those who were born in this month often wear them to celebrate their birth month. These stones are also worn by those who want to be reminded of the meaning of their name or date of birth. The color red is known for being passionate, brave, and determined which are all traits that these people possess. Green sapphires can help people with allergies as they have an anti-histamine effect on them.

Some people will wear green sapphires as it is said that they can improve eyesight and hearing. They can even reduce stress and anxiety levels if worn close to your heart. Green sapphire also has been linked to reducing depression symptoms, curing migraines, regulating menstrual cycles and so much more! Green sapphire can help you make better decisions because when you wear green around your wrist, it could balance both hemispheres of your brain which helps regulate emotions. If you’re looking for something really helpful then green sapphires could be the stone for you.

The Career Benefits Of Rubies

The word ruby comes from the Latin word rubeus meaning red. Rubies are one of the most popular gemstones in the world, and they are typically associated with success, passion, and creativity. The deep red color of rubies is due to their being composed primarily of corundum. Other minerals that can be found in ruby include titanium oxide, chromium oxide, iron oxide, manganese dioxide, and copper. Just like every other type of stone on Earth (or space for that matter), every ruby has its own unique set of characteristics and qualities which can determine how it will affect your life when worn as jewelry or used as part of some type of meditation or ritual.

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