When you look at a story, it is easy to enjoy the heroes who fight for truth and justice. Sometimes it can be the most morally gray characters that can be the most interesting because it makes them more complex and, therefore, more realistic. The character Itachi Uchiha from the manga and the anime of Naruto is an example. His mysterious patterns sometimes make him mean, but the character also has a sense of nobility.

It has become very popular worldwide, and many fans like to learn to attract Itachi Uchiha. If you also like this complex character, this guide must be perfect! Our Step Guide -Step on how to draw Itachi Uchiha will show how funny and easy it is to recreate this great character. You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing Itachi Uchiha

Step 1:

This guide on how to draw Itachi Uchiha will start with your head. First, use curved lines to draw the top of the hair.

It will then extend to several thorny sections that exceed your face. He also uses a head strip with an emblem, so be sure to draw under the ends of his hair.

You can increase the zoom in our reference image for your facial features to copy the lines as they appear there and reproduce your solemn expression.

Finally, finish drawing your outline and use more curved lines for the big collar of the coat it wears.

Step 2:

To continue this design of Itachi Uchiha, the next thing we will do will be to extend the necklace of your coat.

To do this, draw some straight lines of the collar you started drawing in the previous step.

His hand will be inside the cloak, and she will rest in the fracture before the coat, as shown in the reference image.

So once they are drawn, we pull his neck. There will also be an area of ​​textured patterns on the top of the shirt he wears under the coat.

When they are designed, we will continue to add details to the following steps.

Step 3:

For the third stage of our guide on how to draw Itachi Uchiha, we will extend very curved lines from your shoulders to the sides of the cover.

They will have more lines that connect to them to show the fold of the fabric whose coat is made.

Ensure the lines look exactly as they do in our reference image because the positioning will be very specific to how the coat will be buttoned later.

Then we will finish the cable outline as we reach the guide step 4.

Step 4:

As we mentioned in the third part of your Itachi Uchiha drawing, this step will see that you end the outline of the coat.

To the left side of the coat, you will use certain slightly more straight lines because this side of the coat will fall directly.

You can always use several lines of variable lengths to make it look more like a fluid fabric.

The right-hand coat will flow a little as if it were easy. Due to the angle of this part, we will see the beginning of your pants below.

Step 5:

Now you are ready to finish this photo to prepare to have fun in the last step of our guide on how to draw Itachi Uchiha, which arrives later.

At the moment, we will finish the bottom of the legs and the feet. He wears boots extending below his pants, which will be open in front to expose the toes.

Then draw floral patterns on your cover to make it combine with your appearance on the show. So you are ready for the last step of the guide!

Before continuing, do not hesitate to add the details you may like. Will you draw a background and add other characters, or do you have other ideas to finish?

Step 6:

For the last step of drawing Itachi Uchiha, you will end it with colors!

This character has a more deaf color palette in his hair and clothes, and that’s what we went to our reference image.

His coat is colored in dark gray, while the floral patterns are colored with an opaque red. Lighter means, such as watercolor paints, may be an excellent option if you choose these same colors.

What will you choose to finish? All the colors and media you use will be excellent, so let your creativity flow!

3 Other tips to make it easier for your Itachi Uchiha drawing!

Make this Itachi Uchiha sketch even easier with the help of these 3 practical tips!

This drawing by Itachi Uchiha shows in a detailed style reminiscent of how it appears in anime and manga. If you find drawing difficult, you can represent it in a different style.

For example, if you find a drawing in a cartoon style or a simple style to be easier, try this for this. You can find online representations of this character designed in the chosen style.

It would depend on your preferences, so what styles could you use to make this symbolic representation more suitable for you?

One of the best ways to make this Itachi Uchiha drawing easy is to return to the source. We mean that you would be better to consult the real anime and manga from Itachi Uchiha anime and manga appearances.

It would help you not only represent the character, but it appears in the guide, but would also allow you to show him in different clothes and poses he posted in his appearances.

When you have an additional source to work with, try consulting it with our reference images to make your task easier. What source will you use to facilitate this drawing?

Even though this outline of Itachi Uchiha is based on an animated character, you can always use tips that artists use to attract people with realistic proportions.

We try to break the drawing for you, but you can break it even more. To do this, you better use a pencil to help it.

Using this pencil, try dividing the drawing into basic forms. It would be circular forms for your head and longer for your body and limbs.

These forms will help you maintain realistic proportions for your drawing. Then you can add more detailed layers to your drawing until it looks like the finished product.

Your drawing Itachi Uchiha is complete!

We were working on a classic and beloved character from this guide on how to draw Itachi Uchiha, so we expect this guide to make him a lot of fun to work with!

It has a very detailed drawing, but as long as you follow the steps we correct, you will have the break in a short time.

When you finish, don’t forget that you can keep it by adding details, background elements, colors, and other ideas.

You must go to our site because we have many more drawing guides for you. You want to register frequently because we download new guides all the time!

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