Are you confused between the types of fabric in t-shirts? Here is our guide to get out of all the queries and start shopping now!

We know, finding the perfect t-shirt might not be easier! But we have done something incredible that would solve all your problems regarding the fabric or quality of t-shirts! By reading this guide, you can find your perfect t-shirt. We have made it simple for you.

When it comes to t-shirts, there are hundreds of types! So, to pick the right one from the dozens of types, knowing everything about every type might be possible, only if you are yourself a brand. But if you are a person who doesn’t have enough know-how about the types of t-shirts, don’t despair!

We are here to help you choose the right, and not only the right, but the best fabric. This post has everything from the attributes to the pros and cons of each t-shirt type.

Let’s answer all the burning questions now!

T-Shirt Styles: Pick the Best One!

Here are the most popular and common t-shirt types! These are cotton, polyester, and blends. To help you make an informed decision, we should be giving you a brief description of each type so that you can understand which type suits your needs. So let’s face it.


Here comes polyester; it is the best fabric for sublimation printing. And among the best polyester t-shirts, you can look down at Gildan g420 at wholesale market. It is one of the best polyester t-shirts to use for sublimation printing because it works so well.

So, coming to the features of polyester, the best part about using polyester in garments is that they offer excellent resilience. Additionally, the fabric is synthetic and is durable too! No worries about sweat stains because the shirt has low moisture absorption, which means it also offers quick dry time. They are the best at moisture wicking!

Polyester is the fabric that can last for years because of the minimal shrinking regardless of how many times you have used the t-shirt and the dry cycle you use. Because polyester is the best performance t-shirt material, it has become a popular choice for athletes and sportspeople. 

They are best for outdoor use! There are endless reasons to love polyester tees! Here we have our top-picks for the best quality polyester tees you should buy.

Our Recommendations for the Best Polyester Tees:

  • To get your hands on the premium quality tees in polyester, go for the A4 Cooling Performance T-shirt N3142. It is well-made and has features like wicking away moisture, an ultra-tight knit for good printing, and temperature regulation.
  • Augusta Sportswear NexGen Wicking T-shirt 790 is also a high-quality t-shirt that offers excellent moisture-wicking knit fabric. However, the size may be restricted, so have a word with the retailer before you buy!


Now comes cotton; we all know about cotton. Cotton is the most popular natural fiber that is widely used all across the globe for various purposes! Among different purposes, cotton has its ultimate use in garments and clothing. People like wearing cotton tees because of the softness and fluffiness they give! The cotton is extracted from a cotton plant, and then spun into yarn to form breathable, soft, and comfortable fabric that people love to wear!

Our wardrobes have mostly cotton clothes because cotton can be worn year-round, regardless of the weather! Here we have our top-picks for the best quality cotton tees you should buy.

Our Recommendations for the Best Cotton Tees:

  • If you are looking for premium quality cotton tees, you can purchase Gildan G420 at wholesale price. They have the softest cotton in their t-shirts!
  • Standard: Hanes 4980 is also a great choice for customers! They have become a new favorite for their smooth surface, fitted structure, and softness!


A blend, as the name suggests, is a combination of two or more different fabrics. For instance, a blend of cotton and polyester! In a blend of two fabrics, there is a certain percentage of each material that is mixed together to compose a single garment. 

As a result, any t-shirt made of more than one type of fabric is a blend of different fabrics. It might be two or three! Blended t-shirts offer the best of both worlds: comfort and quality. There can be a blend of two fabrics, or three sometimes, aka, tri-blend.

Here are the following types of blends in t-shirts:

The three types of blends can be:

  • A 50/50 cotton/poly blend is the most popular. This blend has half cotton and half polyester.
  • CVC stands for Chief Value Cotton; a mixture of cotton and polyester but in the ratio of 60% cotton to 40% polyester.
  • Tri-Blend: The tri-blend is a combination of cotton, polyester, and rayon. Typically, the ratio is 50:25:25.


Cotton, polyester, and blends are versatile fabrics with a variety of excellent characteristics, such as durability and shape retention; they also have excellent moisture resistance, and polyester, among them, is non-degradable! Each of them can suit your specific needs!

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