Nowadays, Instagram has become a full-time job and this is how millions of people around the world earn money. There is nothing strange about it, because the portal itself offers such possibilities. However, you need a popular profile for that, right in this app. To build it, you need a lot of enthusiasm, motivation and time. Nothing will come to us right away.
After registering an account, hardly anyone knows what to do next. There are so many possibilities that everyone has the right to get lost in it. Smmstore.Ca often get inspired by famous profiles and try to follow and even copy their content, which is illegal. On the Internet, other users appreciate creativity and being yourself, so it’s not worth being someone else by force. Certainly, it will give us a completely opposite effect than we planned. Popularity on Instagram is a difficult topic that needs to be tackled inside out.

Why is it worth becoming popular on Instagram?

There are many reasons why people want to be popular on Instagram and everyone can have their own private. However, the most popular ones are the desire to become famous and earn money. Instagram allows us to build our own community of our followers. They will be the ones who will keep an eye on our online activities and comment on them. You can compare them to a jury in a music competition. We, as creators, must carefully observe what they like and provide them with as much as possible. On the other hand, what is not of particular interest should be put aside completely or added very rarely.
Another advantage of the popular Instagram account is the ability to work with well-known brands. Such collaboration can be paid or barter. The first, as the name suggests, gives us the opportunity to earn, often quite a lot, money. The latter, on the other hand, only provides us with products or services of a given brand.
Another plus of the popular Instagram profile are new friends in the circles of celebrities and influencers. Recognizable people are often invited to various types of events or to some advertising, where you can make new friends.

How to promote Instagram? – 6 methods

Many people try to find a specific answer to this question. Along with the development of influencer marketing, which is based on the popularity of these online creators – the interest in influencers increases. Interestingly, few influencers have a price list, in the traditional sense of the word, and the final price of cooperation may be influenced by several important factors. Meet the most important of them.

Profile picture and username

The profile picture and the username are the first two elements that you pay attention to when entering a new profile. This is why they are so important. With their help, you can make a good first impression and encourage them to stay with you for longer. Make sure that the profile is clear and shows you, your brand or something that the account will be about. The same goes for the name. If it will be your private account, it is worth using your first and last name or nickname. In the case of a company, let it be its name or something you do. This way, people won’t have a problem finding your profile.


BIO, or curriculum vitae, is a short business card of your profile. This is where, in 150 characters, you can describe yourself, what you like or what others will find in your account. Additionally, the bio is the only place where you can leave an active link on your profile. This is great news for small and large businesses as you can directly refer potential customers to your store’s website.


Regularity and regularity are the foundations of any popular Instagram account. It is thanks to them that our followers have content delivered in a timely manner. With good planning of the posts, there aren’t too many or too little of them. It is estimated that the optimal amount of content per week is 3-4. Of course, InstaStories reports are not included – it’s worth adding them every day.

Be active

Being active is not only about photos or videos, but also about liking and commenting on other users’ posts. When others see that you are engaging not only in your profile, but also in others, they will certainly want to repay you and will do the same. As a result, your account will gain popularity and the numbers under your photos will continue to grow.

Use hashtags

The hashtag, i.e., a word or phrase preceded by the characteristic # sign, allows you to group a photo. This means that after adding a tag, for example #dom, other people who are looking for photos with this hashtag may find our post. So, it is a simple and quick way to increase not only the number of likes, but also the popularity of our account. However, they must be active. How to check?
For the hashtag to be active, there must be no space between the symbol and the word. Additionally, once you add a photo, the entire hashtag will be blue, not white like the rest of the description. Importantly, the application allows you to add up to 30 tags in one description. This is way too much. Specialists estimate that a maximum of 10 is enough. Also, remember not to use forbidden hashtags, because the algorithms will cut your ranges.

Promote yourself on other social media

Promoting your account on Instagram on other social media is a great patent for a popular profile. Most of all, you have at your disposal Facebook, which has many groups where people are looking for others willing to promote their accounts for each other. This way you will get likes and even followers from your active account. In addition, Facebook has made it possible to create your BIO where you can post your username.
If you still use Snapchat, feel free to report there in your stories about newly added photos on Instagram.

Popularity on Instagram and the purchase of likes and followers

Many people are afraid to buy likes and followers because they think their account will be banned or permanently deleted. This can happen when purchasing such services from untrusted sites that do not offer real, and above all active, user profiles. Instagram algorithms see that something is wrong and cut the ranges automatically. If you decide to buy likes or followers, it’s worth considering carefully where and at what price.
Websites that sell this type of services are constantly competing with each other, changing prices, providing new discounts or improving services. All of this is aimed at attracting as many customers as possible. So, before you buy followers or likes, carefully analyze each offer, read the service description and check the reviews. Here, on the page of each product, you will find a unique description that explains exactly how to buy the service, why it is worth it and why you should trust us. In addition, we reply to every message with insightful questions and prepare individual offers for our demanding customers.

How to become popular on Instagram – summary

As you can see, gaining popularity on Instagram is not as difficult as it seems. Many of these points require a lot of time, but there are also methods – buying likes and followers – that take a minute and give great results. We are convinced that the combination of all of the above methods will give you the results you dream about.

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