The “Let’s Go Brandon” meme has been a popular source of jokes and internet culture in recent years. However, it was not always this way. In fact, in 1998, the original lyrics to the song were exclusively used by pro-Biden supporters as a rallying cry against Bush during the presidential campaign. But then, around 2010 or 2011, “Let’s Go Brandon” began to be used in a new way – as an insult.

The Insult that Now Slings at Joe Biden

In the heat of the 2016 presidential election, Democrat Joe Biden became known for his quippy one-liners. But one insult, in particular, started to catch on: “Let’s go, Brandon!” The phrase was a reference to Biden’s son Beau, who was battling brain cancer at the time. But it wasn’t long before the term started being used against Biden. In early April 2017, TMZ reported that a woman had filed a police report accusing Biden of groping her while posing for a photo. And just last month, an audio recording surfaced of Biden making lewd comments about women during a private fundraiser. In light of these reports, “Let’s go Brandon” has become popular on social media.

Why It’s a Problem

The famous ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ meme is a potshot at then-Vice President Joe Biden. The video shared millions of times on social media, features people imitating Biden’s accent and mannerisms while singing the chorus from the 1970s hit song “Let’s Go Crazy.”

Critics say that the meme is racist and sexist. Some argue that it was created as a deliberate insult to Biden, who is black and has been criticized for his speaking style. Others say that the meme is juvenile humor. Regardless of its intent, Let’s Go Brandon has become an insult that now slings at Joe Biden.

What it Means for Other People

The term “let’s go, Brandon” is now commonly used to insult Joe Biden, the former United States Vice President. The phrase’s origin is unknown, but it started circulating on social media sometime in 2018.

Many people believe that the phrase originated from a tweet by comedian Leslie Jones. In February 2018, Jones tweeted a picture of herself and Biden with the caption, “Let’s go, Brandon.” However, no evidence supports this claim, and it has been widely debunked.

Regardless of its origins, “let’s go, Brandon” quickly became one of Biden’s most despised insults. Many people feel that it is demeaning and humiliating to call someone else “Brandon.” Others find it annoying.

Regardless of its origins, “let’s go Brandon” quickly became one of Biden’s most despised insults.

How It Affects the President’s Mental Health

As “Let’s Go, Brandon” became increasingly popular on social media, some began to wonder if it was an insult directed towards then-Vice President Joe Biden. The song is about a man who is unemployed and has no hope for the future. This begs the question: does the music have adverse mental health effects on those who listen to it?

According to clinical psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld, “the lyrics of ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ paint a very dark and negative picture of someone who is despondent and hopeless.” This type of thinking can lead to feelings of sadness, anxiety, and depression in listeners.

Neufeld also believes that “the song may reinforce negative self-views and feelings of inadequacy in listeners.” In other words, by listening to this song, people may think that they are just like Brandon – losers with no hope – which could lead to even more significant psychological distress.

So while “Let’s Go, Brandon” may not be directly insulting towards Joe Biden specifically (although he may be mentioned in passing), its dark message could still have negative mental health consequences for those who listen to it.

What to Do

Brandon Patterson is an American YouTuber and comedian with more than 2.2 million subscribers on his main channel and over 1.3 million followers on his second channel. On January 11th, 2018, Brandon uploaded a video titled “Let’s Go Joe Biden,” in which he made fun of the then-Vice President of the United States for his poor speaking skills. Within hours, the video had been shared thousands of times and received criticism from all sides.

Many people took issue with Brandon’s mockery of someone who has served their country so courageously, while others found it funny. Regardless of motive, Brandon’s video quickly turned into an insult that many people began to sling at Joe Biden online.

The origins of “Let’s Go Joe Biden” are unknown, but it seems to have originated as a reaction to one particular incident. In October 2017, Biden was caught on camera struggling to answer healthcare questions during an interview with NBC News’s Andrea Mitchell. Many people believed that this incident was why Biden was now seen as a poor public speaker, and Brandon’s video was mocking this perception in light of recent events.

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