Chlorella is a very beneficial algae, and has been in use for ages to treat various forms of ailments.

Recently, there are scientific findings on the use and health benefits of Chlorella, and the results turned out positive on type 2 diabetes, cancer and some other age related diseases.

Scientific studies of Chlorella and the Benefits

There are already some studies that deal with the topic of Chlorella and the effect on hu

In Healthpally lab for example, studies have been conducted for example in terms of diabetes, hypertension, fibromyalgia, cancer and other ailments.

An interesting study is conducted about the prevention and control of cancer, and the effects of this disease was reduced.

According to farmpally pet, Chlorella has tested in animal experiments on rats and positive effects have achieved here 

Another study conducted at the Medical College in Taiwan. Mice, who had leukemia tested and treated with Chlorella, and they longer with the disease than other subjects that not treated with Chlorella.

Another group treated with chlorella, the other group is not. The group that not treated with chlorella died within 20 days after the tumor implanted.

More than 60 days, 80% survived in the group that treated with Chlorella, and that proved the efficacy of Chlorella in managing cancer and other illnesses.

It can concluded that it can quite supportive of using Chlorella to treat cancer.

Further studies in the same direction also showed the effect of Chlorella in hypertensive patients, as the hypertension reduced.

 It noted that, by taking Chlorella, blood pressure can reduced, and overtime, hypertension can alleviated, especially in young people that suffer from this disease.

Therefore, the algae product works well on the cardiovascular system. Fibromyalgia is a condition that can affect life.

Therefore, the studies about the use of Chlorella for Fibromyalgia are also interesting.

It found that the symptoms can quite relieved by taking Chlorella for 2 months, according to health pally.

This not the case for every patient tested but more than half of the test subjects showed an improvement in the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

A study that comes from Japan, investigated the effects of Chlorella at high alcohol consumption. 

The scientists dosed taking 4 to 6 g to improve well-being the next morning and to reduce the effects of alcohol and these studies were successful.

Possible Side effects of Chlorella?

Are there any side effects when taking Chlorella? Scientific studies have observed so far no sustainable side effects of Chlorella.

However, you should know that the body probably already polluted with toxic substances in the environment.

These are then in the Detox phase to bwashed out. This phase can associated with some of the symptoms that are not necessarily pleasant.

Often, it therefore claimed that Chlorella actually has side effects. This is however not the case but is only the effect of detoxification.

In the initial intake, there may be symptoms such as bloating. Also, stomach cramps and diarrhea have already described in rare cases.

The symptoms subside very quickly and within a few days, you will feel much better, so these are not actually side effects but a minor interaction.

Especially when the Spa begins with Chlorella in quantities over 5 grams.

Therefore, we recommend that you start slowly the treatment with chlorella, so with a smaller dose and then slowly increase it.

It is also advisable, for severe and chronic ailments, you should contact your doctor before taking Chlorella.

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