Gucci Guilty Absolute Perfume

Choosing a great perfume for you may be a bit of a challenge, but it’s well worth it. Gucci Guilty Absolute Eau de Parfum Spray for Men is an excellent choice, especially if you want a fragrance that’s masculine yet still very stylish. It has a rich, deep aroma and the scent lasts for a long time, so you’ll be able to enjoy it for many hours.

Whether you are in the market for a new fragrance for yourself or for a gift, the Gucci Guilty Absolute Eau de Parfum is a great choice. It has a light, fresh and citrusy scent that is perfect for any occasion.


Using a blend of leather, cypress and vetiver, Gucci Guilty Absolute is a woody-floral scent that’s best for fall and winter. Designed for men who are more mature and sophisticated than their younger counterparts, this fragrance is best for men who like a more masculine feel.

While Gucci Guilty is an entire line of fragrances, the Absolute is the ad campaign’s only male-focused offering. The campaign features a montage of red-booth shots that mimic the style of a swanky lounge, complete with shuttered windows and wood-paneled walls. Its most notable feature is a cleverly placed G logo. The best part is that the Gucci Guilty Absolute Perfume has been packaged in a sleek, modern shape, with a matching cap and bottle.


Featuring an array of woody notes, Gucci Guilty Absolute is a bold and edgy homage to the classic masculine fragrances of the past. It is a sophisticated fragrance that is not only well crafted, but also has an impressively rich cognac-hued scent. In fact, the scent is so rich, it breaks the mold of traditional woody construction. Moreover, the fragrance features sensorial textures of cigars and leather.

Gucci Guilty Absolute is the brainchild of fashion and fragrance genius Alessandro Michele and perfumer Alberto Morillas. The fragrance is a modern declaration of emancipated sexuality. Designed to appeal to men who define their own masculinity, it breaks the rules of traditional fashion and features a sexy blend of woody notes, fruity nuances and sensual textures. The fragrance is available in 50, 90 and 150 ml Eau de Parfum. It also comes in a variety of other scents such as Gucci Guilty Pour Homme and Gucci Guilty Pour Femme.

Scent notes

Among the many perfumes from Gucci, Guilty Absolute Eau de Toilette Spray for Men is a new addition to the brand’s fragrance line. The fragrance is a blend of refined scents, which is sure to satisfy the discerning men of today. The top notes include lemon and lavender, while the heart notes include rose, Neroli and orange blossom. The finish of the fragrance is achieved by blending together woody base notes and Vetiver.

Guilty Absolute is the product of a collaboration between designer Alessandro Michele and perfumer Alberto Morillas. It is a leathery fragrance with an emphasis on depth and mysterious elegance.

Despite its relatively low price tag, the Gucci Guilty Absolute Eau de Parfum is a splurge item, especially for men. This new fragrance has been designed to be long-lasting. It is available in US and Canada at Perfume Elegance. The bottle is sleek and black, and the label is emblazoned with the brand’s iconic G logo.


Designed by Alberto Morillas, Gucci Guilty Absolute Eau de Parfum Spray is an aromatic and fruity fragrance. Gucci Guilty is a non-traditional fragrance. This perfume is perfect for a mature man, who wants to feel bold and daring. It is an excellent choice for a night out, or a smart casual event.

Guilty Absolute opens with fresh citrus, patchouli and woody accords. The woody notes are clean, mossy and aromatic. The fragrance dries down to a soft cashmere feel. It is suitable for men who like strong, masculine scents. It is a good choice for anyone who wants to smell different and be different.

Its sillage is moderate to heavy. It is long lasting and works well for daytime or nighttime occasions. Guilty is a nice fragrance for a mature man, and is perfect for a night out. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to wear a perfume that smells different.


Designed to celebrate the dynamism and audacity of the modern man, Gucci Guilty Absolute eau de parfum for men is a sophisticated fragrance that embodies the unique essence of the Gucci brand. The fragrance, launched in 2017, is a woody-floral-ambery scent that blends leather and patchouli top notes with vetiver in the base. The fragrance celebrates freedom, audacity and unconventional love. The Gucci Guilty eau de parfum spray is available in a sleek black bottle with a silver cap.

Gucci Guilty Absolute embodies the brand’s signature interlocking G logo. The fragrance is available in 50 ml, 90 ml and 150 ml eau de parfum. The fragrance is available in block bronze, dark anthracite and silver shades, and is packaged in distinctive silhouettes. The Gucci Guilty Absolute eaux de parfum comes with a matching box and bottle cap. The fragrance can be worn day or night, and is available for men and women.

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