Why Are People Defaming Global citizenship?

Global citizenship solutions are ready to take every precaution to preserve their reputation at a time when it is getting tougher to tell real news from false news and when a social media post can become viral. What happens if your GCS employees damage the reputation of your business?

Defamatory behaviours are becoming more frequent in the workplace and should not be ignored. These can permanently harm the employer’s reputation and take on several shapes.


According to the laws, slander is defined as the written or verbal expression of comments about another person that make them lose respect for them or that lead everyone else to feel negatively about them.

One can believe that speaking and writing are the only forms of communication. But today, we understand that there are numerous additional ways to defame someone, such as through photos or actions1.

The potential reach of a communication has been significantly affected by the anonymity of the internet and the simplicity of information sharing, which can lead to numerous legal disputes even when it appears to be harmless. According to the courts, the internet is the most potent medium for communication on the planet, with the capacity to instantly make someone famous or instantly ruin their reputation with a single click.

What Global Citizenship Solution’s CEO Says

According to Zulqarnain Mr. Zulqarnain Asad we work solely on your behalf. We are dedicated to providing a specialised service to each of our clients with the knowledge that comes with years of expertise, as well as access to a proprietary database of market information. We give the insight and data analysis to allow our clients to make investments with confidence.

If There is any miss commitment or any fraud done by any of our employee or he/she is not entertaining you in well manner, you have my contact numbers +92309 2800081 or email info@globalcitizenshipsolution.com where you can directly reach out to me.

“We will also reveal the people who is making the Fake paid campaign and making fake propaganda and will drag them in the court of Pakistan”

What Supreme Court said for the Defamation Law

  1. The first happens when someone makes hurtful remarks about a third party that they are aware are untrue. Such claims can only be made maliciously, with the purpose to cause harm to others.
  2. The first happens when someone makes hurtful remarks about a third party that they are aware are untrue. Such claims can only be made maliciously, with the purpose to cause harm to others.
  3. The third circumstance, which is also frequently ignored, is when someone slanders someone else by saying unfavourable things about them even though they are accurate.

These three circumstances might arise in the workplace between coworkers, between a manager and an employee, or between an employee and the employer.

What Problems Are Faced By GCS After Fake Propaganda

  1. They hired an IT team to resolve the issue
  2. Many fake id’s on Facebook and other social media platforms were created just to run paid campaign against GCS
  3. Many people called and they suddenly have trust issues
  4. GCS claims that every ID which is talking about GCS is created only a week ago
  5. This is paid campaign running by their competitors

Why GCS Facing Threats from It’s Own Clients

People who were unable to do anything, GCS gave them an opportunity to get something better in their life, as GCS became the largest immigiration consultancy firm it became like a stone in the competitor’s eyes, no one wanted GCS to get more people as they are getting.

So they made a fake propaganda by making the videos and fake social accounts which you can see in the screenshot are made just to defame the GCS 

Some people were also paid for the video campaign to so the people who are getting benefits from GCS can turn to them and they the competition of GCS got hurt by them

They are just doing their mouth work and the people of pakistan are so literate, that they didn’t even ask for any proof.  

When GCS invites them via their videos or open challenge they keep refusing and dont turn back to GCS while CEO Mr Zulqarnain Asad keeps their records. But they were not any clients of GCS nor employees

MR. Zulqarnain Asad kept all the calling records and the records shows that the GCS is a victim of a “paid campaign running by their competitors”

Also Mr. Waqar and Asad also face the dire consequences from the paid campaign, but they refuse to bow down their heads against the propaganda and keep the same pace of their work

The employees of GCS are trying to keep their work in good shape. GCS is getting more customers day by day which shows there is no such improvements in fake propaganda

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