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In recent years, hair transplants have been able to offer excellent results. Technological advances have been combined with scientific research to offer transplants that provide thick, natural hair. The “plugs”, the scars and the artificiality of the old transplants have long since ceased to exist. Of course, many of us have read the disastrous stories of those who have suffered nightmares with their hair transplants. So how can you make sure your intervention has a happy ending?

Below we list five aspects that are essential to be able to forge a good experience with your hair transplant in Dubai. Keep reading to learn more.


The cornerstone of any self-respecting hair transplant in Dubai is thorough research. Keep in mind that this intervention will change your appearance for life, so you must make sure that it is done correctly. Search the Internet, listen to the recommendations of people you trust, and get in touch with the clinics you are considering, so that you can ask them all your questions and doubts. If the clinic is reputable, the staff will surely appreciate your questions, as it shows that you care about them.

You obviously have to factor in cost, but that shouldn’t be the only factor. The objective will be to find the best option, which is in line with your budget, but which is not simply the cheapest on the market. For here are the shots. Think carefully about the location of the clinic. Traveling far from home can increase costs, and also, it is not ideal considering the post-operative care that you will have to follow.

A renowned clinic

Hopefully, your research will lead you to a reputable clinic without major inconvenience. That is, a clinic that employs well-qualified, experienced hair transplant in Dubai surgeons, which you should check during your research. Surgeons are the stars of any clinic, but they are not the only important element that a respected and successful clinic must have. It is also important to have a robust medical team of nurses and technicians, as these professionals work closely with the surgeon. In addition, it is necessary that all these competent and qualified doctors and technicians work in a clean environment, and using state-of-the-art equipment.

Free consultation

Reputable clinics often offer their clients a free consultation, before they commit to spending their money on them. Firstly, this gives the clinic the opportunity to assess the state of the client’s hair loss, so that they can make a judgment about the most appropriate treatment. Second, good clinics trust their staff, their products, and their values. They know that a positive staff-customer interaction is the most convincing sales pitch.

A free consultation gives the client the opportunity to receive honest and realistic advice on what to expect from the procedure. And most importantly, it will give you an idea of ​​what the clinic is like. Are the staff focused on the client’s needs, or are they simply selling treatments? If as a customer you feel bad suspicions at this stage, you should walk away and look elsewhere.

Good design

As with most things in life, good design and preparation play a crucial role in determining the quality of any hair transplant in Dubai. In the design phase, the patient indicates what he expects from the procedure, and the clinic tells him what he can realistically achieve. With a bit of luck, both things will not be far apart. The design phase will allow the clinic to closely examine the texture and quality of your hair, as well as assess the pattern of your future hair loss.


Immediately after any surgical intervention, there is some risk of infection. The best clinics keep this risk to a minimum by giving their clients clear instructions on what to do and what to avoid in the hours and days after the operation. They also organize checkups a few days after surgery to make sure everything is under control. Additionally, clients are encouraged to contact the clinic should they have any concerns or concerns.

The importance of good post-operative care is just one of the reasons why it is not a good idea to venture on a “hair transplant in Dubai tourist trail”. Although a cheaper service can be achieved this way, often those savings come at the expense of the quality and safety of the procedure. Without a doubt, aftercare is an important part of surgical safety. When you leave a clinic abroad and return home, you will have to spend the postoperative period at your own risk and expense.

Final thoughts

Of all the points mentioned, the first is the most important. If you do not exercise due diligence, the chances that you will meet any of the other points will be slim. Take your time and do your research! The time and effort you put into this phase will pay off big in the long run.

At Alborj Hair Clinic we pride ourselves on the services we offer our clients, so we are always happy to talk and answer your questions. We offer all of our new clients a completely free and obligation-free consultation, which can be carried out over the phone, using photos, or in one of our state-of-the-art clinics. You just have to contact us to make your appointment.

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