A large amount of details about you that are available to the public now, compared to the pre-internet era, is a significant difference. Usually, once something is online, it stays there indefinitely. You must therefore monitor your internet reputation and take all necessary steps to reduce any negative comments regarding you or your company. You can take help from the best digital marketing companies in Delhi which provide quite a few internet reputation management solutions to lessen the risks of more damaging referrals, as well as to analyse your reputation and then improve it.

Process of managing your online reputation

When you want to draw attention to the great things people are saying about you online and downplay the negative, you must go through the process of managing your online reputation.

Online reputation management might, in some situations, require a lot of work. Fortunately, there are several commercial and free tools available to help you in your endeavours. Here are the 5 best online reputation management tools for you to decide upon.

5 best online reputation management tools

1. Brandwatch (Formerly

Even though we categorise Brandwatch as a marketing platform for social media, it is much more. For brands looking to dominate social media, it fixes key issues. This entails monitoring the online reputation of your business and developing plans to address any problems.

It has an adaptable, simple user interface. Another advantage of Brandwatch is its search, filtering, tagging, and tracking features.

While Brandwatch has services for publishing, engaging, advertising, audience analytics, measurement, and benchmarking, its social listening skills will be of most interest to businesses looking to manage their online reputations. The Listen module of Brandwatch keeps track of brands across 100 million web sources. You can even use it to identify new trends and interpret current talks.

2. Brand24

You can develop Projects using Brand24. Social mentions of an individual are tracked by each 

project. At more advanced levels, you can follow many brands, manage multiple projects, or even focus on particular campaigns for one brand.

If you want to make sure you aren’t pulling up mentions that weren’t what you were looking for,  you may search for items by entering a list of keywords or by choosing which terms to include and which to avoid.

Not all mentions from social media are collected by Brand24. Your non-excluded keywords are searched for throughout the entire web when it crawls the internet. It gathers all publicly accessible mentions in real-time from social media, blogs, websites, discussion forums, news sites, videos, Google reviews, and other sources.

Brand24 offers several options for data filtering. Customised data can be selected for more detail. You can use filters by source and other factors to identify who your most important (and influential) champions are. To see who has been calling you names, you can even sort by sentiment. A report containing lots of data also makes it simple to study the data.

3. Digimind

Digimind is a potent tool for managing online reputations that provide a wide range of capabilities to assist brands in understanding what is occurring with their online reputations and product offerings. While it offers great capability, it’s still intuitive. 

It allows you to keep tabs on rival companies and items and to hear what people are saying about your own on social media. It has equally amazing metrics. Deep analysis can help you arrive at practical insights.

Its patented Natural Language Processing, which can even understand slang, is one of its qualities that deserves special note.

4. you can

In its most basic form, YouScan is a listening tool that can search applications on social media and the rest of the web pages for brand mentions before analysing those comments for their potential social impact. It unearths billions of data points that you may sort through and offers a variety of analytical approaches for that data. The software’s picture recognition capabilities are its true crowning glory because they let users do astonishingly detailed visual searches.

To find the information you need, you start by creating Boolean searches. When you can find some information that satisfies your search criterion, you can access a page that lists all the mentions the site has gathered that satisfy that need.

To acquire only the information that pertains to your search, you can narrow the results in several different ways. The picture identification in Visual Insights is powered by a highly accurate AI engine, allowing you to be very particular in your search through all the images that are displayed.

The analytics tools include graphs and charts that are interactive and show all the significant patterns related to the themes you have selected. To go down and view the postings that led to the data, click anywhere on the charts.

BrandMentions does not limit its channel listening. Here, every significant social media network is covered, along with non-social websites including news, blog, and review sites.

5. BrandMentions

You go through a lengthy setting process, first choosing the terms you’re monitoring—typically your brand name and/or social media account. By keeping an eyes you can keep an eye on the hashtags and social media usernames of your rivals. Toconfigure your Project to include or exclude a particular set of terms from your results. For each mention, the platform shows sentiment analysis, and you can filter your results accordingly.

It takes less than a minute after you’ve created your project for you to view a list of your mentions. The results can be filtered in a variety of ways, and you can choose any particular mention to get a more detailed look. You can respond to social media posts right from BrandMention’s user interface.

The amount of data will increase as long as you use brand mentions.

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No brand should neglect online reputation management. A brand’s reputation is determined by its online posts, comments, reviews, and rankings.

You won’t be shocked to learn that according to this study, 60% of consumers will hesitate to purchase from a company with bad ratings while 75% of customers will trust a firm more if it has favourable evaluations. There are a lot of companies who label themselves as the best SEO company in India but be careful enough to only choose the ones that are genuine and are named as famous SEO companies in India. 

Then there are social media crises, in which unfavourable posts about a company propagate on social media, informing an increasing number of people that the brand’s customer service, merchandise, or marketing is poor, offensive, or incorrect. 

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