Looking for a cheap explainer video animation for your brand? Here’s how it costs much more than you might think.

At first glance, low-cost explainer video animation may seem like a steal, whether it’s provided by a company or created with explainer video software.

But, here is the truth. Specifically for you, Glowza Digital and many other top-rated video animation agencies create an animated, top-tier explanation video. But we were curious if you’ve ever considered hiring a company or freelancer to make an explainer video animation for you in just a few days for $500 or $100.

You should reconsider this viewpoint, especially in light of one of the most critical factors in the success of explainer videos:

Exceptional, Memorable, And Striking Encounter

When appropriately executed, explainer video animation can help you stand out from the crowd.

A well-made, personalized explainer video can grab people’s attention as they scroll through Facebook or land on your homepage, making it easier to differentiate yourself from the competition.

But that strategy will only work if the video actually helps you stand out from the crowd.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the prevalence of animated “explainer” videos over the past few years. Many companies heeded Forbes’ prediction that by 2016, video content would generate more revenue than text-based content.

Some businesses have found success with this goal with minimal investment in time and resources by making use of explainer video software or contracting with firms that use this software to create animated videos on their behalf.

However, such videos have a number of drawbacks:

  • The more frequently certain methods are employed, the less effective they become.
  • Typically, the animation is unoriginal and of poor quality.
  • With premade templates, you can’t make an explainer film that’s truly unique to your company.
  • It’s boring to listen to them.

What we’ve seen thus far is simply the tip of the iceberg.

You’ll Pay More Than the Asked Price If You Go With a Cookie-Cutter Explainer Video Production Company

The loss of $500 on a poorly performing explainer video is not the end of the world. In the broad scheme of things, that’s not a huge sacrifice, is it?

However, a poorly made explainer film might have far-reaching consequences for your business’s reputation.

To begin, everyone will assume the worst of you if you release a low-quality video. Though explainer videos may not put much emphasis on brand strategy, producing low-quality material will have a significant negative effect on your company’s reputation.

When you put out information that is boring or irrelevant, you not only fail to make a good impression but you also damage your reputation as a company. You will not succeed in convincing your audience of the worth of your solution if you employ low-quality animation to promote it.

The low cost is not justified by the potential downsides.

The Benefits of a Tailored Explanatory Video Animation Production

What, then, are the benefits of a bespoke explanation video?

The first advantage is that they may be designed to reflect your brand’s identity and resonate with your audience.

People are more likely to remember a company and recognize its aesthetic if they see a custom-made video that they haven’t seen before. When you see the same whiteboard explainer video style for the thousandth time in a row, it’s impossible to differentiate between different brands.

But bespoke animation can also be designed to simplify complex ideas into an engaging visual format that compels viewers to take the desired action.

That’s the main distinction, really. Generic animation will not be able to explain your goods and services well. Stock imagery and premade layouts have their limitations.

You get exactly what you paid for, after all. As opposed to using a premade template for your explainer film, investing in a high-quality final product with fluid animation and superb graphics will likely result in a greater return on investment.

This leads us to another question, i.e., how a leading video animation agency like Glowza Digital creates its amazing explainer videos?

Production Method at the Industry’s Leading Animation Studio

Let us join them on the adventure of creating an explainer video.

1. Conceptualization and Composition

The first step of the process is brainstorming ideas and concepts, aligning them with your needs, and composing the final idea of what the animation will look like. In this part of the process, we take care of even the tiniest details to prevent any future disasters.

2. Storyboard

2D animators use storyboarding to organize the visual pieces we create into a coherent narrative for your video.

In contrast to scripts and concepts, storyboards are visual representations and blueprints of the video’s intended structure. Storyboards, or the road map for video production, are the foundation on which the final product is built.

3. Animation

Successful animation relies on the skillful blending of seemingly unrelated visual elements. Including a voiceover and some motion graphics will give your video a more engaging vibe.

As the animation draws to a close, extra precautions are taken to ensure a glitch-free viewing experience. The final video output will be powerful and very beneficial after it’s carefully aligned with the animated characters, icons, schemes, and colors.

4. Stand Out

All that remains now is to put the finishing touches on it and make sure it’s of high quality. As soon as the creative team has done reviewing your video. It will be ready to start attracting potential clients to your business.

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