The insurance industry has always been a tricky customer. And, when it comes down to insurance & technology, the penetration is rather slow.


It’s because, unlike the banking sector, transactions in the insurance industry are not faceless.

These are transactions built on trust and are always done in person. So, unless they build a robot that can perfectly replicate a human sales executive’s persona, insurance is going to remain a pen & paper industry.

And that’s why chatbot technology came to life

A chatbot can hold a conversation with you. A chatbot can understand In-App Chat your requirements. And, a chatbot can provide you with smart & rational solutions.

So, why can’t it sell insurance? Apparently, now they can. Consumers are constantly looking out for better ways to digitally interact with insurance companies, and insurance chatbots for chat app offer them exactly that. With personalized experiences & so much more. Here’s why they are the future of insurance.

Access existing databases

Is there any digital services-based database that covers the entire population of the world?

Try smartphone. By 2020, 6.1 billion people will have access to smartphones. For insurance chatbots that mean an effortless switch from traditional methods to automated digital process without any heavy investment.

Make conversation as human as possible

What makes bots so good at conversations? Two words:

Artificial Intelligence. AI-powered insurance chatbots are capable of identifying patterns and analyzing user sentiment from chats.

This ensures that the conversations are smooth, and the user’s requests are not lost in translation. Studies reveal that people text 5 times more than they call, so it fits their requirements perfectly.

Do away with Static Check boxes

Everyone hates long checkbox forms, right? They are long, winding, & ambiguous. Insurance bots make these static checkboxes a breeze for users by extracting all the responses in the form of textual questions. Checkboxes are often seen as hurdles, and insurance chatbots can close multiple sales deals efficiently.

Are claim procedures becoming a roadblock? Let’s automate them

One of the biggest problems faced by the insurance consumer is the claims process. You don’t need analytics to know that! Insurance companies offer something unprecedented by integrating claims procedures with AI bots. These smart bots can schedule appointments, provide loss-saving recommendations, and reduce any company’s manpower for mundane tasks.

Boost customer engagement

Companies no longer have to deploy customer-care representatives in large numbers. An insurance bot can ease the load by providing answers to customers’ queries. All the customer needs to do is drop a text, and the bot dwells into the database to provide corresponding responses within no time.

An artificial intelligence chatbot is an advance computerize jabber system that articulates fervor, and memories and has complete knowledge of millions of words and many more things. It has unsurpassed adequacy in pattern construction and even boasts a lot of sentence structure capacity. It has been witness that online clients are very impatient and are most demand. They always instant responses from online virtual agents and they prefer receiving fast answers without any delay.

The benefits of the automated intelligence chatbot excel the disadvantages

This system enables the company to interact with clients always and simultaneously the clients are much satisfied with the speedy response. In this fast-paced world, nobody has that much time in order to wait for a response, but with the availability of such kind of facility, customers are more likely to visit the website again and again.

No matter whether a company is providing specific services or products, an artificial intelligence chatbot has the capacity of converting one-time visitors into permanent consumers of that company. These virtual agents are intelligent and efficient enough in finding out the likings of the visitors, thus helping them navigate through various pages and find out the right product, which they are looking for. In this way, the company’s business grows by getting more sales.

The word Artificial intelligence chatbot has been around for some time but is gaining recognition and popularity very recently. It is actually an advance auto chat system that has knowledge of almost thousands of words or even more and integrates memories as well as emotions.

It even has an in-built sentence structure capacity

Now, how does it help consumers or businesses?

Most online customers are very impatient and always seem to be in a hurry while putting forward their queries or demands to organizations and online businesses. It has that most of the time they need immediate answers from the online support system and in fact prefer getting it within a day or sometimes even within a few hours.

The artificial intelligence chatbot has a virtual help desk

that helps the concerned company to provide answers immediately; that too 24X7. Customers can chat with this system anytime and from any location in the world and get instant replies.

No need to wait for a live support person to answer because at times human beings do need a break; might be very busy and customers have to stay on hold or might not have immediate answers to a particular question.

However, there is no such thing with the computer-generate auto chat system. No matter what type of business you have and whether your company is providing services or products;

an automated chat will help turn almost all your visitors into future customers very quickly because of the prompt response.

These are actually virtual help desks that are smart and intelligent enough to find out the likings of consumers and help them navigate and find the right product or services, answer their queries in the best possible way and meet their urgent requirements.

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