Piano moving and Storage

It can be difficult to calculate the cost of transporting heavy and delicate objects like pianos when you’re looking for a warehouse or a Storage.

To ensure their safety, these objects need specialized equipment and labor at every stage of transportation from collection to delivery. These special transports are not handled by many moving and warehousing companies.

It is therefore difficult to know how to make a safe deposit for these objects, and what it could cost. Also, If you are a plant lover you should know how to ship plants long distance move.

This article will explain how and how much you can save if you are considering combining your piano transport with furniture storage.

Furniture storage and piano transport: How does it work?

Furniture storage that includes a piano transport might require extra attention from storage and moving companies. Many companies arrange an inspection or a control call to better understand the situation and solve any logistical complexities.

This service’s cost will vary from one case to the next. But let’s take a look at the steps required for a furniture store with piano transportation, and what aspects impact the price.

Type of piano

Many piano storage companies specialize in wall-mounted pianos. Because grand pianos can be very heavy and difficult to transport, this is a common practice. They cannot go through the door. The operator will first ask about the piano type you wish to deposit.

Exclude logistical complexities

The second question you’ll most likely be asked is about logistical complexities. An account could be a furniture store that has a piano transport on the ground floor.

The piano can then be transported via stairs and the door. However, an account would have a piano transport which will require an aerial platform because the piano is too heavy to carry up the stairs.

When you contact a storage company for a warehouse rental, be ready to do this assessment.

Transport the plan in a container

Contrary to common furniture transport where you must understand how to take apart your furniture, it is not possible to disassemble or reassemble your piano to avoid damage. The packaging phase of the process is crucial because it allows movement and storage in complete safety.

For this purpose, many packaging materials can be used. Plain plastic and wrapping paper do not suffice. Bubble wrap is often used to provide extra protection.

To protect the delicate parts of the piano, the packaging material should be carefully applied. This will allow you to feel secure, not only during transportation but also while it is stored in a warehouse or self-storage. Don’t rely on DIY packaging with wrapping paper or packaging plastic.

The damage that you can do to your piano is far greater than the cost of hiring a team to handle it. Safety of your special transport.

Furniture storage with piano

If the piano is properly packed, it will be safe once it has been transported to a warehouse. Even though a piano can be stored in a storage unit, it is important to take precautions. A piano cannot be stored or stacked like any other object and is often classified as ” large “.

To prevent damage to the wood, storage with furniture must be dry. The typical wall piano takes up one square meter (two cubes). If you want to calculate the square footage for your deposit, remember the dimensions of the piano.

Another thing to consider is the type of deposit that will be used. There are many types and types of temporary deposits. You can choose self-storage which is a traditional box to rent, or a garage or a warehouse for rental with on-demand storage.

 When it comes to furniture storage and piano transport, recommends that you opt for on-demand storage. This allows for greater flexibility and can be assisted by professional Piano Movers in the most delicate phases.

Delivery of furniture and piano

You will receive the items you left in your furniture store with the piano transport following the same process as the collection. There is a major difference between traditional furniture stores in that you will need to do more than unpack and assemble furniture.

You also have to reposition your piano. These are the phases where you’ll be thankful that you didn’t protect your piano with plastic packaging or paper but have trusted professionals to handle it. This is a delicate phase.

If your piano is returning to the same address as the pick-up, you will get times, prices, and other information similar to the outward journey. Otherwise, a new inspection will be required and a quote will need.

Indicative price of furniture stores with piano transport

There are many factors to consider when estimating the price of your temporary deposit.

These costs are not the only ones you should consider. You also need to factor in the cost of shipping the piano. While you may receive an ad-hoc quote, you should also consider the cost of transporting the piano.

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