Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software: The Essence

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Asset management software involves the organization, tracking, and maintaining of a company’s assets. Depending on the business type and scope, it can cover tangible and intangible assets. The following categories can be used to describe asset management:

IT asset Management (ITAM includes hardware (e.g., company-owned devices), software, subscriptions and patents, and network infrastructure components.

Enterprise asset Management (EAM) Covers physical assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

Deals with investments, securities, and loans.

Large companies and public agencies use infrastructure asset management. It focuses on maintaining, updating, or removing physical infrastructure assets such as roads, bridges, and utilities.

Asset management has three main goals: maximize asset utilization throughout its entire lifecycle, reduce operational costs, and increase productivity. Asset management software allows businesses to collect asset data, track asset life cycles, and provide automated reports that can be analyzed by company management.

Why use asset management software?

Increased accuracy in asset documentation compared to manual management. This is because human errors can be minimized, such as typos and accidental omissions.

Improved asset accounting Software that helps you manage your assets. It will help you know what assets are available, where they are located, and who should be working on them. In addition, the software can help you identify ghost assets and prevent theft or loss.

Time- and cost-saving. Automated Asset Management workflows allow asset managers to do more with less time.

Improved asset utilization Asset management software provides better visibility and control of assets. It allows you to analyze asset utilization patterns and plan asset availability and maintenance. This software helps improve asset utilization strategies.

Better maintenance management. Asset management solutions that include preventive maintenance can help ensure stable and continuous asset operation.

Improved compliance. Keeping track of all license entitlements, requirements, and laws can take time and effort. Asset management systems can help reduce legal risks and non-compliance costs.

Popular asset management program

Asset Explorer

Manage Engine Asset Explorer, a web-based ITAM software that manages IT assets and offers features for managing physical assets, is available. It includes the following features:

Complete inventory management for every asset throughout its lifecycle, from procurement to disposal.

Software licensing management to ensure compliance, detect unlicensed or inactive licenses, and other valuable features.

Purchase order and contract management to track contract expiry dates and obtain contract- or PO-related analytics using parameters such as spending patterns, supplier performance, and other parameters.

Asset reporting to generate pre-built reports or to create custom reports using critical asset data in different formats. You can schedule reports and have them automatically sent to selected recipients.

Configuration Management Database To track all configuration items and their details and categorize them.

Mobile app for tracking and managing hardware and software assets from any location.

Asset Panda, a cloud-based asset tracking and management platform, offers a variety of features, including barcode scanning, unlimited users, and custom reporting. In addition, the following features are available:

Asset tracking includes asset assignment to users/workplaces, contract management, and compliance and maintenance tracking. Also, ticketing management.

Barcode management to design and print custom barcodes or QR codes for asset management optimization,

The mobile app includes built-in barcode scanning and GPS pin-drop. Access to reports to help manage assets while on the move.


GoCodes is a web-based inventory, and asset-tracking software companies need to manage physical assets. Therefore, it has the following features:

Patented QR Code Tags show asset details such as type, serial number, and assignment. They also help eliminate duplicates and prove ownership.

Automatic GPS Tracking with a Mapping feature allows managers to see and update asset locations every time a barcode scans

Service requests assist in reviewing service records, scheduling future repairs, and setting service reminders.

Reporting and calculation of depreciation for fixed assets based on common calculation scenarios.

Auditing financial performance and operation of assets with fixed assets registers. You can also review the complete audit history.

GoCodes offers five pricing options on a monthly or annual basis. Each plan includes a different number of assets and users.

Get the most out of your assets using asset management software?

Asset management is an intensive and complex process that plays a crucial role in every company dealing with investments. You are searching for a partner to help you select and customize an off-the-shelf product or develop a custom asset-management solution.

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