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How do you find the best dental providers? When it comes to choosing a health care provider, you have several options available to you, including Aetna dental providers. The following tips will help you ensure that your choice of dental providers from Aetna meets your needs and expectations.


At Aetna, we believe that access to quality dental care should be available and affordable for all Americans. We know that many people struggle with the high costs of dental care and that some individuals have no dental coverage at all. For this reason, we offer a wide range of dental coverage options including MetLife Dental Providers so that you can find one that is right for you. Maintaining good oral health is important not only for your comfort but also because it protects against infections and other medical issues that can result from tooth problems.

Metlife Dental Providers has an extensive network of dentists in their group who are ready to help. They have more than 5,000 providers nationwide in more than 700 offices ready to meet your dental needs

In-Network Vs Out-Of-Network Coverage

If you are looking for in-network coverage, then Aetna dental providers can be a good option. If you are looking for out-of-network coverage, then MetLife dental providers may be a better fit. Depending on where you live and what your needs are, there may be more than one plan that would work well for you. For example, if you have children and want some kind of special pediatrician coverage, then having an HMO plan from either insurer may not work well for you as they don’t offer this particular coverage. But if you need a lot of preventative care such as cleanings or dental exams every year, then an HMO is perfect for this type of care.

Finding An In-Network Dentist

First and foremost, you must find a dentist who accepts Aetna insurance. It can be easy to get lured by the promise of an in-network dentist who doesn’t accept your provider, but then you’ll end up paying for services out of pocket. Asking your dentist or any potential providers if they take Aetna is the best way to avoid any surprises. For dental work to be covered by Aetna, it has to be deemed medically necessary as well as a covered procedure. To determine what is medically necessary, visit Metlife dental providers’ website. Your plan may not cover certain procedures like cosmetic dentistry or teeth whitening which can be costly and not considered a medical necessity.

Cost-Savings With An Aetna Dental Plan

Aetna offers a wide range of dental services, including cleanings, fillings, extractions, and preventive care. One of the most commonly purchased plans is the Aetna Premier Access plan. This includes coverage for routine screenings and exams as well as more complex treatments like crowns or bridges. To find out more about Aetna’s dental providers and what they offer, visit their website today!

As with any insurance policy, it’s important that you read through your policy carefully to fully understand your coverage. If you have questions regarding your Aetna membership or dental plan, contact them directly by phone or on their live chat feature. You can also reach them by fax at 1-877-369-3783; however, they recommend reaching out via phone instead. Note that to contact them directly by phone you will need to be signed in to your member account first so that there is an accurate record of who you are calling and why.

Services Covered By Aetna

Aetna offers a variety of dental coverage, from basic preventative care to comprehensive dental treatments. The company’s providers include MetLife Dental Providers, which offers everything from routine cleanings to invasive procedures for major tooth problems. Aetna covers the following procedures under their MetLife dental providers:

-Routine checkups and cleanings

-Restorative fillings, such as silver amalgam or porcelain crowns. They are also an in-network provider with Delta Dental Insurance, another popular insurer.

-Crowns for teeth that have been broken due to trauma

-Implants for missing teeth

-Endodontics, otherwise known as root canals

-Gum treatment, including extraction of teeth where necessary -Oral surgery for wisdom teeth removal

-Root canal therapy, where needed

What’s not Covered by Aetna: There are some procedures that Metlife does not cover under this plan; these might require you to use your funds if you want them done. Some of these services include dentures (although there is a separate program for those who need full dentures), orthodontic work, and cosmetic services like porcelain veneers.

Wrap Up

Aetna is a large insurance provider that offers a variety of plans for customers. The company’s dental providers are one of its most popular features, and they offer coverage for many dental care needs.

– Aetna has a range of plans that include MetLife providers as well as companies like Delta Dental and Ameritas.

– MetLife dentists cover services like cleanings, fillings, and extractions.

– Aetna also offers special programs like Healthy Mouth Club that can help you maintain your oral health with reduced out-of-pocket costs. Metlife dental providers will take good care of all your dental needs!

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