Trust is an important premise that affects whether you can successfully sign a contract with a customer.
If the customer does not trust you enough, your sales progress will be greatly reduced and you may
even be rejected by the customer all the time.

Just like when we are shopping in a mall, if the shopping guide leaves you with a very good impression,
then you will often buy products under her recommendation. If you are a B2B Company working on a
B2B platform there must be many sellers and buyers like banana buyers, Iron ore Buyers. If you want to
attract customers or buyers keep reading this article.

Preconceived first impressions are difficult to change for a long period of time. If you leave a bad first
impression on users, the cost will be very high if you want to reverse your image in the minds of

A transaction is not the end, but only the beginning. When an order is completed, it only means that the
customer has begun to accept you, but it does not necessarily agree with you. From acceptance to
recognition, practitioners must devote time and effort, start from the details, and pay special attention
to the following 7 secrets.

If you can speak beautiful words, you may not be able to have good popularity. If you blindly play with
interpersonal skills, even if it succeeds for a while, it is just luck. The most important thing to maintain
friendship between people is not words or actions, but It lies in “nature” – sincerity and friendliness.

1. Be professional and become the customer’s consultant

When people are in trouble and don’t know how to solve it, they will go to experts for advice, and they
will seek advice from professionals in law, accounting, medicine, finance, etc. because they believe that
doing so will be in their best interests.

2. Past experience and success history

“Who are you?” “What can you bring me?” At the initial stage of dealing with customers, practitioners
should remember that we build relationships through sales and purchases, and don’t forget our
identities. In fact, when you don’t have a deep friendship with each other, what is the purpose of your
client’s association with him? The so-called self-introduction, such as your past success history, rich
experience, etc., contains factors that can make customers feel at ease and trust; Customers like to find
their own problems from other people’s cases, and they also like to observe your ability to deal with

3. Do one line, love one line

Trust should start with yourself, otherwise, you won’t be able to make others believe in you. To trust
ourselves is to believe that we are doing the right thing, to make sure that our actions are consistent
with our fundamental values.

Values ​​include the personal qualities we deem worthy, the criteria by which we judge what is good
and what is evil, and the activities we value. People trust those who walk the talk, who are principled
and consistent.

4. Standing in the customer’s position to fulfill the customer’s wish

Comparing your heart with your heart is the first rule of sales, not selling the products you want to sell,
but selling the services and products customers need to realize their dreams;
For example, insurance is to use insurance protection to give individuals and families strong protection,
or to use insurance financial management to realize the dreams of individuals or families, so that life can
be worry-free.

5. Good service awareness

Able to anticipate and understand customer needs, and meet these needs with appropriate services or
products; will try to find ways to help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty; be willing to provide
appropriate assistance be able to see things from the customer’s point of view; to be a respected

Good service makes customers feel that it is worth the money. Routine services, such as New Year’s
celebrations, birthday celebrations, etc., sometimes small intentions move customers. Service quality
determines your status and credibility in the hearts of customers, and whether you can become a
respected salesperson.

6. Compliment customers to those around them

If you praise the customer too directly, it may make the customer feel that you are “flattering” and have
a bad impression of you, especially if you are not very familiar with the customer. Praising customers
through people close to them is a good solution.

Its intention is to express goodwill to customers. When a person is affirmed and praised, he will of
the course have a good impression of the person who sent the praise.

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