Geyser becomes essential in the winter season as showering with cold water is not a pleasant experience. Although, some people suffer the effects of freezing winter even when they have a geyser.

Reason? They don’t keep their geyser in good condition. Like other home appliances, it also needs to be taken care of when it shows signs of malfunctioning.

If your geyser is not heating water properly, you should get it repaired instantly, or else the problem will accelerate, causing a rise in the repair cost later on.

Book geyser services as soon as you notice any problem as it will help you avoid high repair costs caused by the delay.

Common Signs that Your Geyser Needs Repair

Following are the common signs that your geyser needs repairing:

1. Leaked Geyser

This is one of the most common signs indicating a need to book a professional. Although a bit of dripping from the pressure control valve is normal, it becomes a matter of concern when it is leaking in liters.

The leak is a sign that there is a fault in the control valve. So, you should get it checked by booking geyser services online immediately, or the matter will get worse.

2. Geyser Overheating

It is also a very important issue that you must be on the lookout for to keep your geyser in its top condition. This happens when the geyser does not go off even after you switch it off. It not only leads to the overheating of the geyser but also to its exploding.

So, if you see steam coming out of your geyser, get it checked by booking a geyser repair service. The steam indicates pressure and temperature building up, and that the valve is liberating hot water.

The reason behind this is mostly the malfunctioning of the thermostat, but it is better to switch off the geyser and book a plumber to be sure.

3. No Hot or Enough Hot Water

The geyser is running, but there is no hot water, or the water you are getting is not hot enough. This is another common problem you can face, and to understand the cause, you should check the circuit breaker of your geyser on the main distribution. What you have to confirm is if it has tripped or not.

Try to reset the breaker one or two times. In case it continues to trip, you must find an electrician immediately. On the other hand, if the power supply works fine, the problem is with the thermostat or the heating element. In this situation, you need to call a geyser technician to replace the thermostat.

4. Leak through the Ceiling

If you see water leaking through your ceiling, it indicates a big leak or the geyser has burst. The other reason for this is that the overflow system or the drip tray is not coping.

Is it what is happening? You need to switch off the cold-water supply and power supply to the geyser. Book geyser repair in Lahore for the leaking geyser checked by a professional.

Key Takeaways!!!

Now you know about most of the geyser problems that you can face. Identifying these problems will help you get your geyser fixed in time and saves you from the hassle and extra repair costs.

However, if the signs your geyser shows are different than the ones mentioned above, you should find a professional.

You can book a geyser repair expert online and get your geyser checked for hassle-free, efficient, safe, and affordable repairs.

Before booking a professional online for geyser repair, check the customer reviews on his website or his company’s website.

This caution will help you make the right decision and saves you from the trouble of falling into the traps of fraudsters. So, what are you waiting for? Book now

4. Get the Technician at Your Doorstep Without Any Delay

Mr. Mahir aims at providing you with the most hassle-free services, and to do this, we offer at-home services. It means you never have to visit the market searching for a geyser technician or make multiple calls.

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5.  Offer the Lowest Price in the Market

And for all these excellently featured geyser services in Lahore, we charge the lowest cost. There are no hidden charges! Yes, it is true.

We are a customer-oriented company and helping you get your geyser installed on time or repaired in time (before it becomes irreparable) is our mission.

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A water heater or a geyser, as it is more commonly known in India, needs as much care (if not more) as any other electronic device.

Though manufacturers provide the best parts that can deal with constant heating and cooling, you have to remember that even the best parts will wear down if put under continuous pressure.

In this post, we will look at some tips for water heater maintenance and installation to prolong its life despite the regular expansion and contraction from heating and cooling.

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